Return to The Church

WARNING: Contains violence and allusions to sexual assault Lot pays a visit to Father Brennan seeking information as The Reaper. London - 1844 ‘Hello, Jimmy.’ I stopped in the middle of the church aisle. Father Brennan stayed on his knees at the altar. ‘Speaking to me again?’ ‘I was busy and you were a bastard,’ … Continue reading Return to The Church


Fancy Dress

WARNING: Contains sexual content Isobel returns and Lot and Josef just can't be respectable. London – 1844 ‘There’s a priest making trouble around one of my factories,’ Alistair Darlington was saying to a group of men on the other side of the dancefloor. ‘Some nonsense about how I treat the girls. They have work and pay, … Continue reading Fancy Dress

Seeking Information

Lot pays a visit to Freyja seeking information and finds some she didn't expect. London – 1844 I’d never seen Freyja in her front garden but there she was lying on the grass with Jax beside her and Jax’s staff between them. I had the strangest notion the elegantly twisted wood was sunning itself, it … Continue reading Seeking Information

Home Again

Lot, Bran, and Josef arrive home from one kind of dangerous adventure to another. London - 1844 I made it a foot through the front door before Edward ran out of the library with Rawr, Patches, and Nellyphant in his arms. ‘Muma!’ I lifted him up and hugged him tight. ‘Don’t never go ‘way ‘gain,’ … Continue reading Home Again

Picture Perfect

Lot meets a face from the past and the present. Hastings – 1844 There was a courtyard in the centre of the building and the portrait gallery wrapped around it on the first floor. Portrait gallery seemed like a misnomer, most of the pictures were landscapes, still lifes, and animals but there was a collection … Continue reading Picture Perfect

Castles on Clifftops

Lot and Millie get a look at Josef's 'pretentious' house, Hastings – 1844 ‘It’s a castle,’ Millie said, sitting on her own horse and gaping at Josef’s ‘house’. ‘Not since the Roundheads destroyed it,’ he replied. ‘No class.’ ‘Wasn’t that the point?’ Bran asked. Millie laughed so loudly I worried she’d fall off her horse. … Continue reading Castles on Clifftops

Down The Pub

After a hard day investigating the gang kick pack for a drink at the pub. Or try to. Hastings – 1844 ‘My husband and I were looking at a house,’ I said, leaning against the bar. ‘Across the fields a way, looks a bit... overgrown.’ The publican put a crooked finger to his lips. ‘Hmmm, … Continue reading Down The Pub

It’s a House

Lot and Josef visit the mysterious house that's got everyone talking. Hastings – 1844 ‘I don’t think Marly will ever be the same again,’ Josef said, grinning as we strode across the fields towards the mysterious house. ‘Serves him right,’ I muttered. He put his arm around my waist and gave me a squeeze. We … Continue reading It’s a House


Lot and Josef go to catch a 'beast'. Hastings – 1844 ‘If you’d told me ten years ago I’d be hunting monsters down an abandoned mineshaft I’d have laughed.’ I flexed my fingers and the small globe of energy above them bobbed. ‘Always in the dark corners,’ Josef muttered. Beyond my light the tunnels were … Continue reading Shafted

Playing it Safe

Millie's plan doesn't play out like she hoped. Hastings – 1844 ‘I’m taking you home,’ Bran said, looking very impressive looming over the table in his wet greatcoat, having to stoop to avoid the low beams, with his dark hair straggly and escaping its tie. ‘You said I could work with you,’ Millie said. ‘It’s … Continue reading Playing it Safe