Loose Ends

WARNING: Contains violence, sexual references, and references some readers may find upsetting. Lot catches up with Gale. Read the first part of today's double bill here. York – 1844 (Several Weeks Later) I dropped down into the chair opposite Gale in a crowded pub. ‘You should’ve kept running.’ She stared at me as if it … Continue reading Loose Ends


When One Case Closes

Lot meets with The Coven Master to ask a favour London – 1844 Thud. I landed behind Tomas in the disused warehouse. He looked up at the ceiling beams. ‘You do like a dramatic entrance.’ ‘Just because I agree to meet somewhere doesn’t mean I have to turn up where and when people expect.’ I … Continue reading When One Case Closes

To The Victor The Spoils

WARNING: Sexual content The children go to the park to give Lot and Josef time to recover. London – 1844 ‘Rawr will look after Nellyphant, Muma ties good knots,’ Edward said as I tied the string of his new wooden nellyphant with little red wheels to Rawr, the string chafed his wrist if I tied … Continue reading To The Victor The Spoils

Return to the Rooftop

WARNING: Contains violence Lot and Tessa face off London – 1844 I should’ve known Tessa would pick the rooftop she’d thrown me off; the place she’d learned how much power I had, and how much more Josef did. I suspected she’d let me go that time, I doubted she intended to again. Josef gripped my … Continue reading Return to the Rooftop

Spare The Rod

WARNING: Sexual references Lot finds her patience fraying London – 1844 ‘I can’t abide waiting,’ I muttered, tapping a wooden rod against my knee. Josef glanced over his shoulder at me, he was at his worktable tapping away at the wooden dragon he was working on with his chisel. ‘Go looking for her then.’ ‘Alas … Continue reading Spare The Rod

Three’s a Crowd

WARNING: Some sexual content Lot uses her memory and gets a surprising suggestion London – 1844 I was back in my empty room at the tenements, surrounded by the cacophony of coughs and voices. My younger self was stuffing the collection of books Bran had given her into a sack. ‘It’s that man, isn’t it?’ … Continue reading Three’s a Crowd

Second Chances

WARNING: Some magical violence Lot discovers sometimes she doesn't have to go looking for trouble. London – 1844 Everything slowed and the volume of the world dropped, although the main street was only a few yards from me, in front and behind. ‘Hello, Tessa.’ I turned to face the way I’d come. Tessa stepped into … Continue reading Second Chances

Location, Location, Location

Lot goes looking for a way to find Tessa and finds someone else. Read the first part of today's double bill here. London – 1844 Freyja wasn’t watching the ducks on The Serpentine, the only other place I knew she might be was her house. That was tricky. Freyja’s house had a door in London … Continue reading Location, Location, Location

Weak Spots

Lot and Josef clash over what to do about Tessa London – 1844 ‘She obviously left that there for you to find,’ Josef said. ‘She knows your temper.’ ‘My temper?’ I shot back. ‘My temper has nothing to do with this, arsehole.’ ‘She can’t know what I am.’ ‘It doesn’t matter whether she knows what … Continue reading Weak Spots