Poke The Dragon

Lot strikes a bargain with an unlikely ally. Hastings – 1844 Frank was in his back garden, turning the earth of a fresh cut flower bed. ‘You again,’ he said without putting down his shovel. Thankfully he was wearing clothes this time, nobody wanted an eyeful of unasked for ball sack. Energy crackled between my … Continue reading Poke The Dragon


Magic Powers

Jax makes a suggestion about magic and Bran makes a very different suggestion. Hastings – 1844 Bran was still sitting in his chair, gripping the arms of it so tight it was amazing they hadn’t shattered. Josef had pulled up a chair close enough his knees were pressing against Bran’s as he leaned towards him. … Continue reading Magic Powers

Secret’s Out

New revelations bring an old secret to the surface Read Part One of Today's Double Bill Here Hastings – 1844 ‘Merry only seems concerned she might not be able cast spells,’ I said, walking back and forth in front of the fire. Josef was leaning against the reading table, his eyes following me as if … Continue reading Secret’s Out

Answering The Door

Jax returns and secrets are revealed Hastings – 1844 I wasn’t sure what was more amazing, the amount of mess the children made or that they couldn’t figure out how a toybox worked. Edward was sitting in the middle of his bedroom floor the contents of his toybox scattered around him as if he was … Continue reading Answering The Door

Don’t Sleep on the Job

Lot, Bran, and Josef face their greatest challenge yet: nap time. Hastings – 1844 Edward was doing his I’m-sleepy-but-don’t-want-to-nap wail in the library. I burst through the door. Millie was sitting at the reading table pouring over books looking for information on Field House, Veronica was walking Edward back and forth as she rubbed his … Continue reading Don’t Sleep on the Job

Meet and Greet

Lot takes a trip into the past and finds a new ally, or are they? Hastings – 1844 Snow crunched under my feet as I rose. The wood was still and quiet, snow falling all around. ‘You’re magnificent,’ the man said. I swung round and fired a knife from my sleeve. The knife stopped short … Continue reading Meet and Greet

Haunted House

The mystery deepens and takes Lot somewhere she didn't expect. Read Part One of Today's Double Bill Here Hastings - 1844 There were some bloody loud ravens somewhere, their calls echoed in the stillness near Field House but the owners remained invisible. We hadn’t passed the gate and my regulator was a hot coal beneath … Continue reading Haunted House

Lead The Way

Lot, Bran, and Josef go looking for Marly and find a mystery they weren't expecting. Hastings – 1844 ‘I thought my ears might explode,’ I said, rubbing my ears as we walked. In the absence of a ram’s horn, or a rabbi, the children decided they should spend the morning blowing their whistles. ‘Children need … Continue reading Lead The Way

Lost But Not Forgotten

Lot and Josef escape the tunnels and Josef let's down his defences Hastings - 1844 It was dark by the time we popped out of a hillside, miles from where we’d been. My hands and knees were bloody and full of grit. I collapsed on the grass, cold, sharp rain pelting my face. At least … Continue reading Lost But Not Forgotten