The Vampire Blogs

On the subject of protagonists sometimes abandoned ideas have a tendency to crop up again and here’s one of mine originally written as a satire on the vampire genre. A four-foot-eleven redheaded protagonist with questionable morality… Where have I seen that before? Entry One Apparently familiarity breeds contempt. Probably why if Eph quotes one more […]


WARNING: Not so double-entendres, so sexual implications galore. Introducing Charlotte… London – 1838 Bran’s club was in a stately looking building with tall windows and a big black door to intimidate the riff-raff away. I ignored it and walked straight in, so it obviously didn’t work. The red patterned carpet in the entrance hall was […]

The Genuine Article

Tell me ten years ago that I’d be standing backstage at a theatre ready to meet a ‘genuine medium’ and I’d have thought you mental. It just isn’t the done thing, like blasphemy or something. The dressing door had an A4 sheet stuck to it that announced ‘Rachel Trevelyan’ with a publicity shot of her […]