Characters, Characters Everywhere

Another important decision we have to make when writing short stories is the number of characters we include, this doesn’t only mean the number we have appear on the page but also the number of names mentioned. The simple reason for this is that if we try and cram a dozen characters into less than … Continue reading Characters, Characters Everywhere


On Exposition

The primary problem with the length of a short story is exposition. Every word of exposition we use is a word we can’t use on the present story, this might sound dramatic but we’re specifically looking at stories less than two thousand words and they’re quickly used up. Often the best way is to keep … Continue reading On Exposition

How Short is Short?

For the purpose of these articles we’re going to be discussing short stories in terms of stories under 2,000 words, which includes flash fiction (stories under 1,000 words). As I’ve said before I’m not entirely fond of the term flash fiction which used to apply to stories of fifty words or less, now known as … Continue reading How Short is Short?

Keeping It Short

This week we're looking at writing short stories, particularly those under 2,000 words, and how we can use these skills to improve our longer fiction and editing. Monday - How Short is Short? What do we mean by a short story and what can we learn from this? Tuesday - Picking a Time, Looking at how much time we … Continue reading Keeping It Short

Summer Fun…

Now that Fiction Frenzy is over I'm taking a break from daily blogging to perform site maintenance, writer more advice articles, edit Victorian Mistress and begin a new serial. New articles will begin appearing daily from the 13th August. A new serial will begin on the 30th September Check back regularly for news of the Edited and … Continue reading Summer Fun…

Am I Missing Something?

Charlotte learns a secret. For past episodes of Victorian Mistress see the Weekly Serial page and now Wattpad: @JesseQuill London – 1840 Mary was staring up at Josef with her mouth open while Merry hid behind Bran’s legs and sucking Patches’ ear. Millie was out with Mrs Stapleton doing whatever it was they did when … Continue reading Am I Missing Something?

The Fall

Lot learns why climbing drainpipes is dangerous. For past episodes of Victorian Mistress see the Weekly Serial page. London – 1840 I stared at the page of figures in front of me and tapped my pencil against the reading table. The incomings exceeded the outgoings which was all good and well but despite what Father … Continue reading The Fall

Week of The Serial

For my final pre-Christmas posts my monkeys have been working over time to bring six days of the weekly serial, Victorian Mistress. If you missed Charlotte's previous adventures the full list is on the Weekly Serial page. Monday - Things That Follow, Charlotte faces the door in her mind. Tuesday - Monsters in The Dark, … Continue reading Week of The Serial

Taking Aim

Let's pretend I didn't write the wrong title on the schedule. WARNING: Rudeness and bad language. Lot finds herself increasingly frustrated. Missed Charlotte's previous adventures? Find the full chronological list on the Weekly Serial page. London – 1839 Sitting in bed with my head against Bran’s shoulder and my hand resting on his thigh I … Continue reading Taking Aim