Read Broad Faker Now!

The first chapter of Broad Faker is now available to read on Wattpad and my new site. It’s 1867, Lot’s looking at 50, our trio have been together 30 years, and the children are grown. Happily ever after or a family full of trouble? There’s a new chapter everyday from Saturday to Saturday followed by […]

Jesse’s Studio is Back!

Jesse’s Studio is back with a new look, new content, and a new schedule. We’re beginning with a new serial starting 5th August with an episode every day until 12th August. From then we’ll have an episode every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: Take a Bite Cafe New Serial 5th August Megan thinks she’s found her […]

Coming Up in 2019

Having concluded Rum Cove it’s time for me to take an annual break to finish off upcoming projects for the rest of the year. Here’s what you’ve got to look out for: Take a Bite Cafe New Serial Coming July/August Can Megan and Jimmy save Take a Bite Cafe and overcome the obstacles to their […]

Image Helps

We’ve discussed creating a cover, particularly if we’re posting our serial on a site like Wattpad, where a cover can draw the eye. We can use the same methods we used to create covers to create promotional images. Although I’ve had some issues with this on Twitter where, for smaller screens, Twitter has cropped portions of […]

Marketing Focus: Twitter

I’m no marketing expert, and I certainly wasn’t when I started Victorian Mistress a year ago. This year I’ve focused most of my marketing efforts on Twitter which does have negatives, the major one being that it leaves you open to attack from trolls (internet bullies), but so far my experience has been mostly positive. […]

Creating a Cover

NOTE: This article refers to covers for free-to-read serialisation on sites such as Wattpad. It turns out having a cover is really important. I didn’t have one to begin with, which wasn’t so bad on WordPress but when I expanded onto Wattpad it became problematic. My early covers weren’t too great but I’m incredibly lucky […]

How Often? How Much?

An important question to consider for serial fiction is how often and how much? A weekly serial sounds great of paper, a regular episode of fiction like waiting for your favourite television show every week, but this means we have to have something written and edited to a presentable standard every week. This is easily […]