Knock One Out

WARNING: Contains sexual references. Megan gets a surprise wake up call. I woke up to my phone vibrating on the bedside table. Print-offs were scattered across my bed and my laptop was dead on the floor beside it. I grabbed for my phone expecting my alarm and knocked it off the little table onto the […]

Step One

Dan has a question for Megan. Fridays were early closing for Shabbat. We’d talked about getting someone else to do the cooking and another regular waitress to cover Fridays and Saturdays but the cost outweighed the gain. I supposed we’d have to think about it again if we wanted to get more customers in. Jimmy […]

A Major Minor Drama

Nan and Sally make a dramatic entrance. The door open and Nan spread her arms displaying a previously unseen feather bower to its fullest extent. ‘I have arrived.’ Sally came in behind her wearing a pair of sunglasses big enough to qualify for a celebrity’s corner shop disguise. Nan practically skipped to her table and […]

Are You Being Served?

Megan deals with a troublesome customer The guy was wearing a grey suit he thought looked good, any suit where I could see someone’s socks when they were standing up was a no from me. This thought wouldn’t have occurred to me if he wasn’t eyeing me like he was thinking I looked good too. […]

Dishing Up

Is there some friction between the brothers? I was leaning against the kitchen counter still wearing Jimmy’s t-shirt while he made dairy-free scrambled eggs when Dan stumbled out of the bathroom wearing a pair of sunglasses. ‘My god, you have legs,’ he said. Jimmy cast him a look. ‘What did you think was under my […]

Any Confessions?

WARNING: Sexual Content Megan and Jimmy sneak around Lying on the settee with his arm thrown over his eyes Dan was intent on proving attractive people could snore really loudly whatever the movies made out. It was amazing he didn’t wake himself up. I leaned in, wondering if I should shake him awake before he […]

Card Shark

Megan has some fun with Jimmy and Dan and a pack of cards ‘I thought you said you couldn’t play?’ Dan said as I scraped the change across the table towards me. ‘I said I didn’t play,’ I replied and passed my cards to Jimmy to shuffle. ‘I’ve also drunk less vodka.’ Dan raised his […]

Bad News Comes in Packs

Warning: Contains sexual references Jimmy gets some bad news from The Council By the time I finished filling the dishwasher with the last load of dishes Jimmy was sitting at the little desk in the backroom frowning at his laptop, the screen reflected small scale in the lens of his reading glasses. When he noticed […]

Parental Supervision

Megan’s parents pay a visit to the cafe It was mid-afternoon post-lunch rush when Mum and Dad turned up. Dad, a big burly man, immediately started his regular inspection walking round the café, peering at things and nodding. Mother came to the till where I was standing poking the touch screen buttons to bring up […]

A Bad Day All Round

A face from Megan’s past appears she’s rather not see again I pulled up in the parking bay on the road outside and the café and there was Rick Harrington sitting in the window as if the mention of him had summoned him like a spectre. I stopped and gripped Bessie like I was going […]