Variety is the Spice of Life

Now we’re reading like writers it’s time to experiment. Someone once told me that, as a fantasy writer, I shouldn’t be reading so much fantasy, which is rubbish. How can you refine you writing and learn your market in a particular genre if you don’t read it? However, it does help not to confine yourself […]

I Saw That Coming…

Reading as a writer isn’t simply about reading the possible, it’s about reading the actual too. By which I mean, as you develop your reading skills, you will begin to be able to see the twists coming. Now, I don’t mean you’ll become an infallible plot predicting machine, that would be dull. However, as you […]

Imagery, Imagery, Imagery…

Imagery is all around us in any art form, the most conspicuous being the visual arts such as paintings, photography or film. The elements of these visual arts also appear in prose; it can be less conspicuous at first because we have to imagine the scene for ourselves but when reading as a writer we […]

Reading Between the Words

Stealing lines off my characters for titles might be vanity but that’s also the next stage of reading like a writer. I thought it sounded a bit more fun than ‘the deeper meaning’ or some such. Feel free to disagree with me. Why do you disagree though? ‘Well, Jesse, it sounds like you’re trying to […]

Beginning to Read Like a Writer

Reading like a writer sounds like it could be something complex but it isn’t, in a lot of ways you probably already read like a writer. Reading like a writer begins with reading a book and thinking ‘Oh, that was a good bit’. Who hasn’t read a book or seen a film or TV show […]