Jesse’s Studio is Back!

Jesse’s Studio is back with a new look, new content, and a new schedule. We’re beginning with a new serial starting 5th August with an episode every day until 12th August. From then we’ll have an episode every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: Take a Bite Cafe New Serial 5th August Megan thinks she’s found her […]

Coming Up in 2019

Having concluded Rum Cove it’s time for me to take an annual break to finish off upcoming projects for the rest of the year. Here’s what you’ve got to look out for: Take a Bite Cafe New Serial Coming July/August Can Megan and Jimmy save Take a Bite Cafe and overcome the obstacles to their […]

The Purpose of Plot Revisited

This week we’re looking at plot: What is it? How do we create it? Where do subplots fit in? Tuesday – What’s Your Problem? How do we decide what the plot is? Wednesday – Where’s Your Tools? What does our character need to fix the problem? Thursday – Subbing Your Story, How do subplots relate to […]

Keeping it Short Revisited

This week we’re looking at short stories and how they can help us improve our editing skills. Tuesday – How Short is Short? What do we mean by a ‘short’ story Wednesday – Picking a Time, How much time can we cover in our story? Thursday – On Exposition, How much exposition can we use […]

Shadow in the Fore Revisited

This week we’re looking at foreshadowing: What is it? How can we use symbolism? And what’s this got to do with red-herrings? Tuesday – What is Foreshadowing? What do we mean by ‘foreshadowing’? Wednesday – Did I Say That? Using foreshadowing is a matter of implication Thursday – Simplifying Symbolism, What’s symbolism got to do with […]

Getting Emotive Revisited

This week we’re looking at emotion in fiction: What can we tell? What can we show? Does everything need to be in conflict? Tuesday – The Man in the Machine, Do we write emotions into machines or do we infer it? Wednesday – I Feel… Emotions in fiction go beyond what we tell readers characters feel. […]

Counting the Words

They say nothing lasts forever and that applies to books too. I won’t tell you that you can’t write long books, there are plenty out there, but your word count partly needs to be based on market research but largely on the question of how long you’re story needs to be. There’s some debate but […]

The Piece That Doesn’t Fit Revisited

Having considered the idea of moving chapters around we also need to consider that we might need to replace or remove chapters completely. The need to do this isn’t a sign of bad writing, just as not needing to add or remove chapters isn’t a sign of good writing. All it is about is making […]

Assembling the Jigsaw Revisited

Structure is important so you might wonder why I didn’t begin with this article, the way I see it first drafts are for getting the story down and editing is for hammering out structure. The problem is that when people begin a story thinking about structure and ‘hitting the right notes’ can block them and […]

Death to Excess Revisited

We’ve looked at trimming out unnecessary bits from our prose but what about those characters who just don’t seem to be pulling their weight? The honest answer is that they’re probably going to have to go too. We all hate doing it, especially if we love the characters, but too many unnecessary characters can be […]