Platform Focus: Wattpad

When I began my first serial Victorian Mistress it was on one WordPress then I branched out onto Wattpad which is very different but has some good features. For a start it has an option to clearly copyright a story, there’s also a mature content setting for adult fiction. However, there are disadvantages, in the […]

Image Helps

We’ve discussed creating a cover, particularly if we’re posting our serial on a site like Wattpad, where a cover can draw the eye. We can use the same methods we used to create covers to create promotional images. Although I’ve had some issues with this on Twitter where, for smaller screens, Twitter has cropped portions of […]

Marketing Focus: Twitter

I’m no marketing expert, and I certainly wasn’t when I started Victorian Mistress a year ago. This year I’ve focused most of my marketing efforts on Twitter which does have negatives, the major one being that it leaves you open to attack from trolls (internet bullies), but so far my experience has been mostly positive. […]

Creating a Cover

NOTE: This article refers to covers for free-to-read serialisation on sites such as Wattpad. It turns out having a cover is really important. I didn’t have one to begin with, which wasn’t so bad on WordPress but when I expanded onto Wattpad it became problematic. My early covers weren’t too great but I’m incredibly lucky […]