Crumpled Paper

Lot and Josef find more reasons to argue. Nine Shillings and Victorian Mistress are also available on Wattpad. London – 1843 ‘The terrifying… um… terror,’ the newspaper boy on the corner shouted. ‘Frightful… frights. The epidemic of death!’ I stopped beside him, he couldn’t have been more than ten but he was already as tall as me. ‘You’re … Continue reading Crumpled Paper


Resting The Reader

A mentioned in previous articles whether our stories are character driven or plot driven we need moments in the story where we let the reader process events. The problem with pace is finding the balance between too fast and too slow, this is further complicated by the fact that different stories have different paces. We … Continue reading Resting The Reader

Slowing With Showing

As we discussed in the previous article despite some assumptions that telling is bad and showing is better, it’s not that simple. In the previous article we discussed how telling can be used to increase the pace where it is often assumed to slow it. We can also slow the pace of a story through … Continue reading Slowing With Showing

Speed Through Sentences

As I mentioned in the previous article sentences can change the pace of prose depending on how long or short they are. Once again I’ll mention that the general rule is that the longer a sentence is the slower it reads and the shorter it is the faster it reads. This isn’t always true, a … Continue reading Speed Through Sentences

Pacing Through Paragraphs

Length of sentences, paragraphs and chapters can affect the speed at which the reader reads. The general rule is that the shorter they are the faster they read, and the longer they are the slower they read (for a discussion of this in relation to chapters try Chipping at Chapters). Shorter paragraphs can also be … Continue reading Pacing Through Paragraphs

Pacing Prose

This week we're looking at pacing in prose using structure, telling and showing. And Lot is back for another episode of Nine Shillings on Saturday. Keep an eye on these coming soon posts for details of the pre-Christmas Fiction Frenzy. (I know it's only October, sorry) Monday - Pacing Through Paragraphs, A look at the way paragraph structure changes … Continue reading Pacing Prose

Stirring Embers

WARNING: Features sexual references. Lot tells Bran what she really thinks. Nine Shillings and Victorian Mistress are also available on Wattpad. London – 1843 It was gloomy in Bran’s study. The fire had burned low and there was only one lit candle but he didn’t seem to have noticed, sitting at his desk and staring into the distance while … Continue reading Stirring Embers

Off To The Station

Lot and Josef set out to rescue Bran from the police station. Nine Shillings and Victorian Mistress are also available on Wattpad. London – 1843 The advantage of getting Josef to escort me to the police station, aside from him being able to stop me tearing the police to pieces for laying a hand on Bran, was that … Continue reading Off To The Station

Better Than You Know

WARNING: It's Lot, there's rudeness. Bran confesses a secret to Lot. Nine Shillings and Victorian Mistress are also available on Wattpad. London – 1843 Before I met Bran I’d been so busy surviving I hadn’t considered the notion of ‘simple pleasures’. As much as I enjoyed sex with Bran, when we had it, there was a different sort of … Continue reading Better Than You Know