I Did it Because… Revisited

Another trap that can be easily fallen into when writing action of any variety is the urge to have a character explain why they’re doing something. Now, this isn’t inherently bad, we may for instance have Character A interpret Character B’s actions and say to them, ‘I think you did this because…’ while Character B … Continue reading I Did it Because… Revisited


Streamlining Action Revisited

Action can be easily overwritten, and when I say action I don’t necessarily mean fight scenes. In this context I mean any sort of movement, and we all do it, whether it’s mentioning every time a character crosses a room, excessive shrugging, or every shade of smile. This isn’t a problem in a first draft, … Continue reading Streamlining Action Revisited

Let’s Get Less Busy Revisited

This week we’re looking at writing our characters in motion including; the perils of over writing, the use of implication, and when the reader needs to see. Tuesday– Streamlining Action, the perils of overwriting action. Wednesday – Implying Action, sometimes an action, like crossing a room, is implied. Thursday– Fixing the Fight, the use of … Continue reading Let’s Get Less Busy Revisited

Poke The Dragon

Lot strikes a bargain with an unlikely ally. Hastings – 1844 Frank was in his back garden, turning the earth of a fresh cut flower bed. ‘You again,’ he said without putting down his shovel. Thankfully he was wearing clothes this time, nobody wanted an eyeful of unasked for ball sack. Energy crackled between my … Continue reading Poke The Dragon

Showing the Senses Revisited

This week we're looking at different ways to describe our setting; the idea that description is more than what characters can see and the effects different senses can have. Tuesday- Seeing Beyond Sight, description is more than sight. Wednesday- Sensuality of Scent, scent can used to invite or repulse. Thursday- Selecting Sound, using sound to create … Continue reading Showing the Senses Revisited

Exposition By Character Revisited

When I say exposition by character I don’t necessarily mean exposition where one character explains something to another, though this is a perfectly valid technique, but what I mean is character moments. We can reveal a lot about a character through what they say and do, particularly when they interact with other characters. While we … Continue reading Exposition By Character Revisited

Magic Powers

Jax makes a suggestion about magic and Bran makes a very different suggestion. Hastings – 1844 Bran was still sitting in his chair, gripping the arms of it so tight it was amazing they hadn’t shattered. Josef had pulled up a chair close enough his knees were pressing against Bran’s as he leaned towards him. … Continue reading Magic Powers

Exposition by Footnote Revisited

We can use footnotes in fiction, a lot of early novelist from the UK and Ireland used them, but they can be tricky to employ in modern fiction. Nowadays the footnote is largely associated with academia either referencing book titles or inserting extra information about a subject. The problem with footnotes is that it can … Continue reading Exposition by Footnote Revisited

Exposition By The Chapter

Is it a bad thing to do exposition by the chapter? Not always. Exposition by the chapter may be problematic if we’re writing ‘this happened because’ or ‘this works like that because’ and is simply a long explanation of something in the story. However, a chapter of exposition might be a flashback or a side-story. … Continue reading Exposition By The Chapter

Necessary Versus Unnecessary Revisited

Some exposition that may be considered ‘trivial’ and may be referred to as ‘unnecessary’ in the sense that it is not necessary for the main plot to function but it expands the world of the story. But is there anything that is actually ‘unnecessary’ exposition? Rather than ‘unnecessary’ perhaps ‘misplaced’ would be a better word. … Continue reading Necessary Versus Unnecessary Revisited