Important Research

WARNING: Sexual references. Lot keeps an eye on Veronica and tries to play referee. Nine Shillings and Victorian Mistress are also available on Wattpad. London – 1843  I was sitting in the library reading and listening to Veronica give the children their lessons a few rooms away. The children were very quiet, except for answering questions, which meant they … Continue reading Important Research


Cups of Coffee

WARNING: References to abuse. Josef tells Lot his side of the story. Nine Shillings and Victorian Mistress are also available on Wattpad. London – 1843 There was a buzz of murmuring about Josef and I when I sat down opposite him. Before I became a vampire I hadn’t realised how many disgusting comments people made about him when they … Continue reading Cups of Coffee

Troublesome Words

We're finishing the articles for 2017 with the look at a few more troublesome words before beginning our pre-Christmas fiction frenzy. Monday - As In, A look at the trouble with one word having so many meanings. Tuesday - Along and Awhile, To space or not to space, that is the question. Wednesday - Then Came The Toos, is it to … Continue reading Troublesome Words

Toast and Marmalade

Breakfast in the O'Connor household isn't what Veronica expected. Nine Shillings and Victorian Mistress are also available on Wattpad. London – 1843  ‘Spread, spread, spread,’ Mary sang. She was sitting on my lap as I helped her spread marmalade on her toast, she hadn’t mastered spreading without stabbing holes in her toast. Bran was beside me at the … Continue reading Toast and Marmalade

Establishing Relationships

Whether we’re writing new relationships or long-term ones we need to establish and develop them. Each relationship has its own jokes, shorthand, and history and we need to show this through what characters say and do. This is further complicated by the fact that characters in large friendship groups will interact with different friends in … Continue reading Establishing Relationships

Supporting the Network

Whether our characters are old friends or new friends, or a combination of both, it’s very possible that they will be part of a group. Sometimes this group remains mostly the same for the entire story, such as the crew of the original Star Trek television series, or sometimes it will have a core group … Continue reading Supporting the Network

The Long-Term Friendship

Where friends characters find along the way can present problems when we’re writing when characters have friends before the story begins this presents a different set of problems. The primary problem is backstory. However long these characters have been friends there will be a story of how they became friends, things they have done together, … Continue reading The Long-Term Friendship

Found Friends

Often, but not always, part of a story is about characters finding friends, whether it’s the two detectives partnered for the first time, a character going on a quest and meeting allies on the way, or, in some cases, the beginnings of a romantic relationship. In some ways these can be the trickiest friendships to … Continue reading Found Friends