Finding Balance

Jax tries to teach Lot about magic. Hastings – 1844 ‘It would be much easier if you put the baby down,’ Jax said, from where she was sitting cross-legged opposite me. ‘No.’ Edward shook his head. ‘Got make sure Muma not poor-poor.’ He blew a raspberry on my cheek. ‘Cuddles make better.’ Jax scowled. I … Continue reading Finding Balance


Wisdom and Foolishness

Lot and Millie have a mother daughter talk Hastings – 1844 I couldn’t sleep. My mind was buzzing but I wasn’t sure with what. My thoughts were running too fast to catch, or it might’ve been the shelves in my mental library still shifting around at high speed organising, whatever it was organising. Edward shifted … Continue reading Wisdom and Foolishness

Wake Up

Lot awakes to a surprise visitor. Hastings – 1844  Edward was crying. I burst up, magic pouring over my skin like scalding water. I grabbed a throat and snarled at them. Jax stared at me, threads of energy rising on her face and spreading up my fingers from my obsidian nails. Josef pulled me off … Continue reading Wake Up

Mind Over Matter

Lot gets a helping in hand in her mental library. 1844 ‘Manifesting a version of your unconscious mind to slap you across the face?’ She grinned. ‘That’s the sound of mind doctors salivating.’ God, those bloody dimples made me look annoyingly adorable. She grabbed my waistcoat and hauled me to my feet. ‘No time for … Continue reading Mind Over Matter

Burning Up

Lot pays the price for taking risks. Read the first part of today's double bill here. Hastings – 1844 I couldn’t let it go. The power should’ve released like breath into the earth. It wouldn’t. It was stuck my core, burning me up from the inside. I writhed on the grass, holding tight to his … Continue reading Burning Up

Keeping Up With The Walls

Lot takes a risk to rescue Josef. Hastings – 1844 The house was still yet I had a sense that the plants creeping along the walls turned to look at us. It reminded me of Freyja’s house and her sentient tree. There was a slow heartbeat in the distance, I thought. The house was groaning … Continue reading Keeping Up With The Walls

A New Door Opening

Lot discovers she may not be able to trust her own senses in Field House. Read the first part of today's double bill here. 1844 It wasn’t an illusion. Illusions didn’t affect me. I touched the blood on my temple. It wasn’t a memory, my mental self couldn’t be hurt. The canopy of towering trees … Continue reading A New Door Opening

Truth Be Told

Lot and Josef get an unwelcome interruption. Hastings – 1844 Josef was more relaxed as we walked back along the seafront in the twilight. He was lovely. His gorgeous grin that made my heart beat faster, the mischievous sparkle in dark eyes at the thought of wickedness, and beautiful brown skin so warm under my … Continue reading Truth Be Told

Going to Town

Lot meets Josef's maker... Hastings – 1844 Hastings glowed in the darkness and moon rippled across the surface of the sea as it lapped against the beach. The air was cool, brine and blood, everywhere smelt of blood. It seemed very peaceful after the crash of Josef’s cove. ‘Agape is a revolutionary amongst vampires,’ Josef … Continue reading Going to Town