They All Died at the End

A satisfying ending doesn’t mean nobody dies. A satisfying ending is an ending that feels like the end of the story and sometimes that means characters die. A now famous ending for a character, though not the very end of the book, is Ned Stark’s death in Game of Thrones, Martin plays on the reader’s […]

Back to the Beginning

We’ve all heard the ending cliché ‘and it was all a dream’ so I should probably start by saying that even though it’s a cliché it’s not always an ineffective ending. The problem is that its bad reputation arose from writers using it to avoid resolution. The ultimate downfall of the ‘it was all a […]

The Length of an Ending

There’s no set length for an ending, no measure in words, fractions or percentages. Endings are as long as endings need to be but perhaps we should measure it from the point where the action begins to wind down. A more technical way to describe it might be ‘falling action’ as opposed to the beginning’s […]

When The End is Not The End

Another difficult form of ending is an ending where you know there’s going to be a sequel. This can be difficult because there are questions to answer at the end of book one, questions that will be answered through the series, and the things the reader might not even realise are questions in the first […]

Sense of an Ending

As we’ve previously discussed first drafts are not fixed, they can constantly in flux as you learn more about your characters and your story. The same is true of endings, you might have an idea of your ending when you begin your story but this may also change as you progress. In many ways the […]

Ambiguity is in the Eye of the Beholder

The ambiguous ending can be the hardest to write because it can easily fall flat. It can be a thin line between leaving the ending ambiguous and leaving it confusing. By this I mean that a good ambiguous ending can promote interesting debate with people pitching in different ideas, it goes wrong when it leaves […]

To Answer or Not to Answer

One of the biggest problems with endings is answering questions. It’s not always finding the answers that’s the problems, quite often by the time you get there you know the answers, it’s how many you answer. Do you tie everything up with nice little bows? Do you leave them all dangling for an ambiguous ending? […]