Three of a Kind

Often a stumbling block in fiction is too much description in one go. It is possible to have a style of writing that is description heavy, and this is perfectly valid, often it’s found in literary fiction which tends towards a slower pace than a genre such as thriller. It can flow well and be […]

I Can Write a Rainbow

I once heard the advice that adding a colour to a description can improve it and make it more vivid. This is true but not quite as simple as it sounds because it doesn’t always improve it, sometimes it can even have the opposite effect. As with any other description we need to consider what […]

A Sense of Importance

As we’ve discussed before description can create emphasis. Generally the more description we have the greater importance something appears to be, however it’s not always as simple as that. If we spend long paragraphs describing something, even if it’s important, then we slow the story down because as long as we’re focused on whatever we’re […]

Making The Familiar Unfamiliar

Defamiliarisation is the process of making the familiar unfamiliar. Now, I could waffle on about poetic language and artistic intent and make this all very confusing, instead let’s look at direct application. When might we want to make the familiar unfamiliar? We might be writing a historical novel and a character encounters something every day […]