Card Shark

Megan has some fun with Jimmy and Dan and a pack of cards ‘I thought you said you couldn’t play?’ Dan said as I scraped the change across the table towards me. ‘I said I didn’t play,’ I replied and passed my cards to Jimmy to shuffle. ‘I’ve also drunk less vodka.’ Dan raised his […]

Bad News Comes in Packs

Warning: Contains sexual references Jimmy gets some bad news from The Council By the time I finished filling the dishwasher with the last load of dishes Jimmy was sitting at the little desk in the backroom frowning at his laptop, the screen reflected small scale in the lens of his reading glasses. When he noticed […]

Parental Supervision

Megan’s parents pay a visit to the cafe It was mid-afternoon post-lunch rush when Mum and Dad turned up. Dad, a big burly man, immediately started his regular inspection walking round the café, peering at things and nodding. Mother came to the till where I was standing poking the touch screen buttons to bring up […]

A Bad Day All Round

A face from Megan’s past appears she’s rather not see again I pulled up in the parking bay on the road outside and the café and there was Rick Harrington sitting in the window as if the mention of him had summoned him like a spectre. I stopped and gripped Bessie like I was going […]

Ride My Bike

Megan visits an ex to pick up something precious ‘She should purr like a cat on catnip now,’ El said, polishing a smudge from the metallic red paint of Bessie the bike, so named by my niblings. I climbed on and started the engine and she definitely purred. ‘Aw, Baby’s happy to see me.’ El […]

The Great Escape

Warning: Sense of threat Megan makes her escape but her evening might be looking up I hovered in the mouth of a jitty with my hands in my pockets. It had been cold enough at night to freeze the puddles but I wasn’t going to stand nearer the door and let Mark from Marketing sneak […]

Date Night

Warning: Intimidation Megan’s date might be going places but not with her it seems Mark from Marketing and I had been sitting at a small table in the pub with a drink a piece for almost thirty minutes and he hadn’t asked me a single question about myself. Not so much as a vague comment […]

Desk Space

Warning: Sexual content and bad language There’s a secret at Take a Bite Cafe and it’s not in the cooking. I arched my back and grabbed the side of the desk, at risk of melting into a pool of bliss without an orgasm. I dug my fingers into Jimmy’s hair, his tenacity was fucking incredible […]

Behind The Mystery Door

Warning: Contains sexual references Three years down the line Megan’s job is going well but there building work happening on across the road… Present Day Jimmy was at risk of chewing off his thumb as he stood near the café window staring across the road. Two side-by-side shops had been hiding behind white building panels […]

Awkward Beginnings

Warning: Contains sexual references It’s a truth universally acknowledged a woman in want of a job is going to go looking for one. That might not be all she finds… Three Years Ago It was Nan who told me about the vacancy at Take a Bite Café. I was lying on the settee streaming B-movies, […]