Pacing Prose

This week we're looking at pacing in prose using structure, telling and showing. And Lot is back for another episode of Nine Shillings on Saturday. Keep an eye on these coming soon posts for details of the pre-Christmas Fiction Frenzy. (I know it's only October, sorry) Monday - Pacing Through Paragraphs, A look at the way paragraph structure changes … Continue reading Pacing Prose


Exposing Exposition

This week we're looking at exposition: What is it and different techniques we can use. Monday - What's This 'Exposition'? An introduction. Tuesday - Necessary Versus Unnecessary, Is there such a thing as unnecessary exposition? Wednesday - Exposition by the Chapter, Looking at flashbacks and side stories. Thursday - Exposition by Footnote, Ways we can use footnotes in fiction. Friday - Exposition by Character, Characters … Continue reading Exposing Exposition

Getting Grammatical

This week we're looking at some points of basic grammar that often cause confusion because they're confusing. The article on homophones was particularly fun to write, obviously I never confused any of them once... All these articles are based on British grammar. I should probably add that this is my personal approach to grammar and … Continue reading Getting Grammatical

The Shadow in the Fore

This week we're taking our first look at foreshadowing; what it is, the use of implication and what's symbolism got to do with it all? Monday - What is Foreshadowing? What's the difference between plot stakes and foreshadowing? Tuesday - Did I Say That? The role of implication in foreshadowing. Wednesday - Simplifying Symbolism, What's symbolism got to do with foreshadowing? … Continue reading The Shadow in the Fore

The All Seeing Narrator

This week we're looking at the omniscient narrator; the narrator who can go anywhere and everywhere at will. We'll be looking at the difference between omniscient and limited omniscient, narrative voice, and considering how much is too much. Monday - The Detached Narrator, What is omniscient narration? Tuesday - The Reliable Narrator, Is an omniscient narrator really reliable? Wednesday … Continue reading The All Seeing Narrator

Limiting Omniscience

This week we're heading off into the wilds of limited-omniscient narration. We'll be looking at what we mean by limited omniscient narration, writing at varying distances and why it's different from first-person/subjective. Monday - Writing at a Distance, What is limited omniscient narration? Tuesday - First or Third? Considering differences and similarities. Wednesday - Can't or Cannot? To be formal or … Continue reading Limiting Omniscience

Elements of Editing

I'm back and this week I'm answering a question that came via twitter about how I self-edit. Now I think it's important to emphasis that while this week's articles are about editing they are about my personal approach. This doesn't mean you can't pick up some tricks from it, I simply want to be clear … Continue reading Elements of Editing

Summer Fun…

Now that Fiction Frenzy is over I'm taking a break from daily blogging to perform site maintenance, writer more advice articles, edit Victorian Mistress and begin a new serial. New articles will begin appearing daily from the 13th August. A new serial will begin on the 30th September Check back regularly for news of the Edited and … Continue reading Summer Fun…

Those Pesky Side Characters

This week we're looking at ways of revealing or suggesting the motives of characters around a first-person/subjective narrator. Monday - Finding the Evidence, What does the narrator observe about the characters? Tuesday - Gathering the Goods, Picking up hints from other characters. Wednesday - Dropping Hints, Using asides to imply backstory. Thursday - Whoa! Wait a … Continue reading Those Pesky Side Characters

Centre Stage

This week we're beginning a look at first-person/subjective narration starting with a look at different ways of telling the story. Monday - The Sight Unseen, With first-person things can't happen on the page without the narrator to witness them. Tuesday - Narrative Within Narrative, We can also tell a first-person narration within another narration. Wednesday - … Continue reading Centre Stage