Dictating Dialogue Revisited

This week were looking at a few of the technical bits of dialogue before we get to making those voices individual. Monday - Grammar in Speech, Does speech need to be grammatical? Tuesday - Elliptical Ellipses, What are ellipses and can we use too many? Wednesday - Dabbling in Dialect, Finding balance in dialect. Thursday - Backing … Continue reading Dictating Dialogue Revisited


Discussing Dialogue Revisited

This week it's the first collection of articles breaking down dialogue in fiction. Monday - Distinction in Dialogue, is there such a thing as speech being too distinct? Tuesday - Frenetic Phonetics, creating accents in speech. Wednesday - Verbal Verbosity, the difference between written speech and real speech. Thursday - Please Mind The Gap, saying … Continue reading Discussing Dialogue Revisited

Vile Villainy Revisited

This week we're taking a look at villain in stories and considering the important question of motive, avoiding stereotypes, and when a villain isn't a villain. Monday - I'm Evil So Because... why a villain's motives need to be as complex as the protagonist's. Tuesday - It's All in The Scar, where did the old … Continue reading Vile Villainy Revisited

Keeping It Short

This week we're looking at writing short stories, particularly those under 2,000 words, and how we can use these skills to improve our longer fiction and editing. Monday - How Short is Short? What do we mean by a short story and what can we learn from this? Tuesday - Picking a Time, Looking at how much time we … Continue reading Keeping It Short

Editing Others

This week we're looking at the editing others and how it is an editor's job to encourage writers not only suggest changes. Monday - What is Editing? Looking at the different ways we can edit someone's writing. Tuesday - Approaching Feedback, Looking at ways of suggesting changes. Wednesday - Editing Versus Rewriting, What's the difference between editing and rewriting someone's writing. … Continue reading Editing Others

Troublesome Words

We're finishing the articles for 2017 with the look at a few more troublesome words before beginning our pre-Christmas fiction frenzy. Monday - As In, A look at the trouble with one word having so many meanings. Tuesday - Along and Awhile, To space or not to space, that is the question. Wednesday - Then Came The Toos, is it to … Continue reading Troublesome Words

Friendship in Fiction

This week we're looking at the different types of friendships portrayed in fiction whether they're friends characters meet along the way, old friends, or groups each character will interact with these friendships differently. Monday - Fictional Friendships, Looking at ways of building a friendship one character at a time. Tuesday - Found Friends, A few things we need to … Continue reading Friendship in Fiction

Year of The Weekly Serial

I want to begin with a massive thank you to everyone who reads Jesse's Studio. We've been steadily growing since August 2016 and I couldn't have done it without my readers support both by simply reading and by recommending Jesse's Studio to other readers. It means a huge amount that you take the time to … Continue reading Year of The Weekly Serial

Pacing Prose

This week we're looking at pacing in prose using structure, telling and showing. And Lot is back for another episode of Nine Shillings on Saturday. Keep an eye on these coming soon posts for details of the pre-Christmas Fiction Frenzy. (I know it's only October, sorry) Monday - Pacing Through Paragraphs, A look at the way paragraph structure changes … Continue reading Pacing Prose

Exposing Exposition

This week we're looking at exposition: What is it and different techniques we can use. Monday - What's This 'Exposition'? An introduction. Tuesday - Necessary Versus Unnecessary, Is there such a thing as unnecessary exposition? Wednesday - Exposition by the Chapter, Looking at flashbacks and side stories. Thursday - Exposition by Footnote, Ways we can use footnotes in fiction. Friday - Exposition by Character, Characters … Continue reading Exposing Exposition