Coming Up in 2019

Having concluded Rum Cove it's time for me to take an annual break to finish off upcoming projects for the rest of the year. Here's what you've got to look out for: Take a Bite Cafe New Serial Coming July/August Can Megan and Jimmy save Take a Bite Cafe and overcome the obstacles to their … Continue reading Coming Up in 2019


Getting Grammatical Revisited

This week we're looking at some points of basic grammar that often cause confusion because they're confusing. The article on homophones was particularly fun to write, obviously I never confused any of them once... All these articles are based on British grammar. I should probably add that this is my personal approach to grammar and … Continue reading Getting Grammatical Revisited

Year of The Weekly Serial

I want to begin with a massive thank you to everyone who reads Jesse's Studio. We've been steadily growing since August 2016 and I couldn't have done it without my readers support both by simply reading and by recommending Jesse's Studio to other readers. It means a huge amount that you take the time to … Continue reading Year of The Weekly Serial

The All Seeing Narrator

This week we're looking at the omniscient narrator; the narrator who can go anywhere and everywhere at will. We'll be looking at the difference between omniscient and limited omniscient, narrative voice, and considering how much is too much. Monday - The Detached Narrator, What is omniscient narration? Tuesday - The Reliable Narrator, Is an omniscient narrator really reliable? Wednesday … Continue reading The All Seeing Narrator

Summer Fun…

Now that Fiction Frenzy is over I'm taking a break from daily blogging to perform site maintenance, writer more advice articles, edit Victorian Mistress and begin a new serial. New articles will begin appearing daily from the 13th August. A new serial will begin on the 30th September Check back regularly for news of the Edited and … Continue reading Summer Fun…

The Eloquence of Brevity

This week we're going right back to basics and considering where we can trim words, ways to layout dialogue and what to do about paragraphs. Monday - I Looked At... How description of an object implies a character is looking at it. Tuesday - Antagonistic Adverbs, Should we never use adverbs? I wouldn't go that … Continue reading The Eloquence of Brevity

Writing a Weekly Serial

This week I'm recounting a few of the challenges I've encountered in my six months of writing a weekly serial: Monday - Getting Ahead, Why it's best to keep weeks ahead of posts. Tuesday - Losing the Plot, The problem with subplots. Wednesday - Don't Forget Me, What if people forget characters? Thursday - How … Continue reading Writing a Weekly Serial

Where For Art Thou Beginning?

This week we're looking at beginnings, whether we need to begin writing at the beginning, the purpose of prologues and how much information introductions might need. Monday - Finding the Right Beginning, The beginning of the story isn't always where we begin writing. Tuesday - Pontificating on Prologues, What's a prologue and what's it for? Wednesday - … Continue reading Where For Art Thou Beginning?

Week of The Serial

For my final pre-Christmas posts my monkeys have been working over time to bring six days of the weekly serial, Victorian Mistress. If you missed Charlotte's previous adventures the full list is on the Weekly Serial page. Monday - Things That Follow, Charlotte faces the door in her mind. Tuesday - Monsters in The Dark, … Continue reading Week of The Serial