Editing Novels

We’ve looked at editing our words but how do we approach editing a complete draft? Tuesday – None Wednesday – Edit That Novel! Looking at different approaches to editing a complete novel draft Thursday – None Friday – None Saturday – A new episode of Rum Cove Also on Saturday stop by twitter to join in my new […]

Getting Tense

This week we’re looking at past tense and a few easy to make mistakes and how to fix them. Tuesday – None Wednesday – Picking at the Past, Looking at writing past tense Thursday – None Friday – None Saturday – A new episode of Rum Cove Victorian Mistress, the edited version featuring bonus story First Meetings, is […]

Realistically Sexy

Realistic sex is sometimes taken to mean the previously referenced Flat Pack Sex that’s basically a collection of ‘we did this’ and ‘we did that’. This isn’t the case, realistic sex scenes are scenes that have been thought through. For example, one nominee for The Bad Sex Award, I’ve forgotten which book it was, had […]

Metaphorically Sexy

Can metaphor be sexy? Yes. Does that mean all sex should be in metaphor? No. The problem with the overuse of metaphor in sex scenes, just like any other type of writing, is too much becomes overly wordy, difficult to follow, and in the case of sex it can become ridiculous. People like to hurl […]

Getting Sexy

One of the most difficult things to write in fiction is sex. The trouble is that it’s so difficult to get right in tone and description, this difficulty is often added to by some writers commenting disparagingly about the use of sex in fiction. While sex isn’t a necessary part of being a whole person […]

What’s With Sexy?

The first question we have to ask ourselves when writing a sex scene is: Why are we including this? I can see people saying ‘but what about erotica’ or ‘but what about romance’ both of these include sex, and romance doesn’t always, for a reason. The reason isn’t simply that it’s meant to be an […]

Writing Sex

This week we’re looking at writing sex in fiction, whether romance or any other genre. Tuesday – What’s With Sexy? Why are we including sex? Wednesday – Getting Sexy, Looking at the importance of emotion when writing sex. Thursday – Metaphorically Sexy, The difference between using metaphors in a sex scene and writing metaphorical sex. Friday – Realistically Sexy, A […]

From Barrelling Along to Slow-Burn Sequels

Relationships in fiction can appear to move much faster than we might expect real life relationships to move, but they can move pretty fast too, or we might have ones that develop and change over the course of multiple stories. The interesting thing about the relationships that appear to move much faster is that they […]

Testing, Testing

Eventually in our story every relationship is going to be tested. This doesn’t mean it has to break. There are many different narrative tests, some are internal conflicts and others are external. Sometimes the risk is amplified by a character’s expectations or it can be implied by distance and time. Distance and time can be […]

Moment of Meeting

As we mentioned in the previous article all characters are going to have a moment where they first meet. The old cliché is their eyes meet across a room and they’re destined to be together forever. This is a cliché often associated with romance novels and does appear but it doesn’t appear in all of […]