Characters, Characters Everywhere Revisited

Another important decision we have to make when writing short stories is the number of characters we include, this doesn’t only mean the number we have appear on the page but also the number of names mentioned. The simple reason for this is that if we try and cram a dozen characters into less than […]

Drama in Conflict Revisited

People always say that there is drama in conflict but what can be forgotten is that stability is needed too. As much you need to build the conflict in your character still needs something solid and reliable whether it’s a hobby, a place or a person. In many, though not all, stories it falls to […]

The Journey Revisited

Just as characters need an emotional life, as real people do, they need an emotional journey as well. In the case of romance fiction, which we have already discussed, the journey is the primary story but this doesn’t have to be the case, the journey can be the emotional interaction that the character has with […]

Falling in Love Revisited

There’s a lot to be learnt from the romance genre when we’re thinking about writing emotion. At the heart of it, the old cliché is one person meets another person, overcome obstacles while falling in love, and live happily ever after. I’m not saying that’s all romance novels are but let’s stick with the most […]

I Feel… Revisited

Sometimes it can be wrongly assumed that portraying emotion in fiction is a case of saying ‘I feel’ and if a character doesn’t say how they feel then they don’t feel. This is not the case in real life where a person can be feeling a huge array of things without saying anything. For example, […]

The Man in the Machine Revisited

Characters don’t live in an emotional vacuum they need an emotional journey the reader can relate to even if they are inferring it. By this I mean that a character doesn’t have to specifically state their emotional state, they may even be character that claims not to have one or we infer doesn’t. An example […]

Death to Excess Revisited

We’ve looked at trimming out unnecessary bits from our prose but what about those characters who just don’t seem to be pulling their weight? The honest answer is that they’re probably going to have to go too. We all hate doing it, especially if we love the characters, but too many unnecessary characters can be […]

Implying Action Revisited

One of the ways to streamline our action is to consider what we can imply: is the action implied, or can we imply the same meaning with a different action? By the action being implied I mean something like a character crossing a room. For example, we may have two characters talking in a room […]

Fictional Attraction

There are many different types of attraction but in this article we’re going stick with sexual attraction, of which there are many famous instances of it being downright wrong, and by wrong I mean disturbing. We addressed some of this in an article on Describing Women where the language used is often inappropriate. Another common […]

Writing Attraction

This week we’re looking at different ways of showing attraction between our characters and making readers root for relationships. Tuesday – None Wednesday – Fictional Attraction, Writing attraction is more than saying a character is pretty, how else can we show it? Thursday – None Friday – None Saturday – A new episode of Rum Cove […]