Pacing Prose

This week we're looking at pacing in prose using structure, telling and showing. And Lot is back for another episode of Nine Shillings on Saturday. Keep an eye on these coming soon posts for details of the pre-Christmas Fiction Frenzy. (I know it's only October, sorry) Monday - Pacing Through Paragraphs, A look at the way paragraph structure changes … Continue reading Pacing Prose


Breaking and Entering

WARNING: Mild sex references In which Bran has his first paid case as a detective-for-hire. Nine Shillings and Victorian Mistress are also available on Wattpad. London – 1843 Bran only had one case on his list that paid money, which to me seemed to be the point of being a detective-for-hire. Most of the cases on his books promised … Continue reading Breaking and Entering

Impact Injuries

WARNING: Mild sex references. Lot still feels her impact injuries. Nine Shillings and Victorian Mistress are also available on Wattpad. London – 1843 The sun was rising in the sky making the curtains glow; I could feel it, a dim awareness of time passing. Mostly I could feel the six year old jumping on the bed. ‘Wake up, Mummy! … Continue reading Impact Injuries

Prison With a Difference

WARNING: Contains violence. The First Episode of Nine Shillings and Lot enters with a fall London – 1843 I hit the cobbled path face down with a crescendo of crunches. Vampires were designed to land on their feet, not their faces. ‘Well, that was embarrassing,’ I muttered. My shoulder cracked back into place and my ribs reset … Continue reading Prison With a Difference

Exposition By Character

When I say exposition by character I don’t necessarily mean exposition where one character explains something to another, though this is a perfectly valid technique, but what I mean is character moments. We can reveal a lot about a character through what they say and do, particularly when they interact with other characters. While we … Continue reading Exposition By Character

Exposition by Footnote

We can use footnotes in fiction, a lot of early novelist from the UK and Ireland used them, but they can be tricky to employ in modern fiction. Nowadays the footnote is largely associated with academia either referencing book titles or inserting extra information about a subject. The problem with footnotes is that it can … Continue reading Exposition by Footnote

Exposition By The Chapter

Is it a bad thing to do exposition by the chapter? Not always. Exposition by the chapter may be problematic if we’re writing ‘this happened because’ or ‘this works like that because’ and is simply a long explanation of something in the story. However, a chapter of exposition might be a flashback or a side-story. … Continue reading Exposition By The Chapter

Necessary Versus Unnecessary

Some exposition that may be considered ‘trivial’ and may be referred to as ‘unnecessary’ in the sense that it is not necessary for the main plot to function but it expands the world of the story. But is there anything that is actually ‘unnecessary’ exposition? Rather than ‘unnecessary’ perhaps ‘misplaced’ would be a better word. … Continue reading Necessary Versus Unnecessary

What’s This ‘Exposition’?

Exposition is the act of revealing information to the reader; it’s generally associated with information that is required for the story to function, but can also include ‘non-essential’ information. We may say that ‘essential’ information is the knowledge of the consequences of the adventure: In Lord of the Rings isn’t destroyed Sauron will rule the … Continue reading What’s This ‘Exposition’?

Exposing Exposition

This week we're looking at exposition: What is it and different techniques we can use. Monday - What's This 'Exposition'? An introduction. Tuesday - Necessary Versus Unnecessary, Is there such a thing as unnecessary exposition? Wednesday - Exposition by the Chapter, Looking at flashbacks and side stories. Thursday - Exposition by Footnote, Ways we can use footnotes in fiction. Friday - Exposition by Character, Characters … Continue reading Exposing Exposition