Hysteria: The First Draft

WARNING: Rude metaphors ahead. This is the original introduction to the world of Victorian Mistress, completely unedited and not even checked for typos. I was asked about my self-editing method and the easiest way to explain it seemed to be to post an example of my unedited work to compare to an edited example. NOTE: […]

The Vampire Blogs

On the subject of protagonists sometimes abandoned ideas have a tendency to crop up again and here’s one of mine originally written as a satire on the vampire genre. A four-foot-eleven redheaded protagonist with questionable morality… Where have I seen that before? Entry One Apparently familiarity breeds contempt. Probably why if Eph quotes one more […]

The Genuine Article Take Two

This is an edited version of The Genuine Article part of my new series of articles on editing. ‘Genuine Psychic’, the posters stuck all over the theatre announced. I wondered if people could get their money back if they reported it as false advertising or if they be laughed out. After all, everyone knew that […]


WARNING: Not so double-entendres, so sexual implications galore. Introducing Charlotte… London – 1838 Bran’s club was in a stately looking building with tall windows and a big black door to intimidate the riff-raff away. I ignored it and walked straight in, so it obviously didn’t work. The red patterned carpet in the entrance hall was […]


WARNING: References to suicide. ‘Y’know; if you close your eyes and chant three times “I don’t believe in Goths” we all disappear.’ Richard started and looked up at the woman who had appeared beside his table holding a glass of red wine. She was young, and smallish, with excessive eye-makeup and whitened lips. ‘Plaid suits […]

The Genuine Article

Tell me ten years ago that I’d be standing backstage at a theatre ready to meet a ‘genuine medium’ and I’d have thought you mental. It just isn’t the done thing, like blasphemy or something. The dressing door had an A4 sheet stuck to it that announced ‘Rachel Trevelyan’ with a publicity shot of her […]

The Mason’s Arms

WARNING: Bad language and terrible tea. Hale was roused from what his mother used to call a ‘deep melancholia’ by the sound of a familiar voice ordering tea. He looked up to see Jayne crossing the room towards him with a large white mug in one hand and her phone in the other. ‘Not chronic, […]

Mr Puss

WARNING: Features one instance of bad language and a suspected moggy murder. ‘Oh, crap.’ I peered down at the redish smear which had once been Number Forty-Two’s beloved Mr Puss. ‘I told you to stop pulling out so fast.’ I glanced up at the culprit, and it was a long way up. Men like Victor […]