Jesse Stuart is a writer and academic specialising in fantasy fiction and writing theory. She hasn’t been on this earth long enough to have an extensive bibliography but she has already developed an intolerance for pretentiously talking about fiction. She aims to be unashamedly ‘commercial’ and has no interest in being ‘literary’. Surely all fiction is commercial anyway or what’s the point in publishing it?

She tries to keep fit and active purely so she can live longer to write more and eat more cake. Her taste in books is diverse but, despite what people assume about English graduates, she hasn’t read every book ever written.

Through her research she has acquired some unusual knowledge that might be good in a pub quiz with questions on Victorian cures for impotence or why indicator lights were victorious over indicator flaps.

She also wonders why it’s necessary for authors to write about themselves in the third person. Perhaps so we can pretend we’re not writing about ourselves. It’s awkward.

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