I’m Not Going to Tell You How to Write. I’m Going to Open the Toy Box and Let You Play.

Jesse Stuart

Jesse Stuart is a writer and academic specialising in writing theory; the study of how and why writing techniques work and the different ways we can apply them. She’s written three books on the subject: Shaping Stories, Creating Characters, and Editing, Editing, Editing. Due out in August 2019.

Jesse has also written three novels in the Book of Lot series: Victorian Mistress, Nine Shillings, and Rum Cove. Before finding their way into book form they were originally serialised via this website and Wattpad with Jesse writing them as she went without a plan. They were inspired by young Jesse’s desire to see a lady saving the dudes-in-distress.

She tries to keep fit and active purely so she can live longer to write more. Her taste in books is diverse but, despite what people assume about English graduates, she hasn’t read every book ever written.

She also wonders why it’s necessary for authors to write about themselves in the third person. Perhaps so we can pretend we’re not writing about ourselves. It’s awkward.

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