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WARNING: Sexy stuff

Megan and Jimmy enjoy some of the perks and disadvantages of living together

I was having trouble concentrating. The club book was a ten on the Cold Shower scale but it was a little strange too. I’d never read a book about a woman dominating a man before, not without it being A Bad Thing.

At the end of one particularly interesting scene I peered over the top of the book. Jimmy was in the shower, he’d left the bathroom door open and the shower was exactly opposite where I was sitting on the bed. I could see everything through a fug of condensation on the glass. I pinched my lips between my teeth.

‘Are you sure you’ll be alright by yourself?’ he said, getting out the shower and wrapping a towel around his waist. ‘I can cancel.’ He caught sight of me in the mirror. ‘What are you smiling about?’

‘Just how sexy my boyfriend is.’

He turned flustered, adjusting his towel and smoothing his wet hair.

I lowered the book. ‘I’ve managed every other time you’ve been out, are you looking for an excuse not to go out with your mates?’

‘I just…’ He stood by the wardrobe looking lost for a moment. ‘I just don’t do this very often, except with you or Dan. I’m out of practice.’

‘I can’t imagine you being practiced in the art of being a social butterfly.’

He opened the wardrobe and peered into it. ‘Maybe I spend too much time working.’

I raised the book and bit the tip of my thumb. ‘In between the fucking.’

He chuckled. ‘Be fair, we’re still in the honeymoon phase.’

I sighed. ‘Jimmy, it’s a night out for a bunch of guys approaching middle-age, not a student piss up. It’s Monday and you all have work tomorrow or kids to look after. I think you’re probably in the safe zone.’

‘For all you know it could be wine, women, and song until the small hours.’

‘I’ll chance it.’

He pulled a white shirt out of the wardrobe. ‘What about this one?’

‘I like that shirt, I can see your chest hair through it.’

He held the shirt up to the light. ‘Seriously?’

I pretended to be engrossed in my book. ‘To be fair, I might pay more attention than most.’

‘Maybe not that one.’ He hung the shirt back up.

I smiled. ‘I have a favourite pair jeans too.’

His jaw worked, dimple showing. ‘Had a good look?’

‘Very,’ I murmured.

Oh, he looked very pleased with himself. ‘You know what else is sexy?’ he asked.

I lowered my book slightly. ‘I’m sure you’ll enlighten me.’

He closed the wardrobe. ‘My girlfriend taking a chunk out an arsehole for me.’

I relaxed a touch. ‘I was worried I was being a domineering arsehole.’

‘Just the kind of domineering I like.’

I closed the book and set it aside. ‘If you think he’s an arsehole how come he’s inviting you to his wedding?’

He sat down on the edge of the bed, his inside thigh was visible through the gap in his towel. ‘I’ve known Lenny since I was a kid, Dan dated his sister in secondary school. He wasn’t an arsehole before he “did very well for himself” as your mother might say.’

‘Ah, the classic “working class kid done good and turns into a Tory voting arsehole”,’ I said, and slipped my hand under the towel.

Jimmy gave me a slight nod at the brush of my fingers against his leg hair.

I cupped his inner thigh. ‘Let me guess, “I made it so everyone else could if they put in some effort”.’

‘It’s like he’s in the room.’ Jimmy smiled. ‘He’s like Benjamin but less obnoxious.’

I shrugged. I’d only met Jimmy’s older brother briefly two or three times and couldn’t really comment, except that he didn’t seem to like me.

‘So… going?’ I asked, easing my hand further up his leg.

‘I don’t know.’ He shifted closer to me and his breathing deepened. ‘I wouldn’t mind a weekend in a posh hotel with you but…’

‘Not so keen on the wedding bit?’

‘Not really.’ He opened his legs a little wider. ‘I think he just wants to gloat about how well he’s doing.’

I leaned in. ‘I think you’re doing better.’

He considered me.

‘Doing what you love.’ I grinned and tapped my lap. ‘And who you love.’

He tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear. ‘Sure you don’t want me to stay?’

‘I’ll be fine.’ I took off my glasses and set them aside, making my hair fall forward again. ‘But there’s no reason I can’t give you some Dutch courage first.’

He mock-frowned. ‘I don’t think that means what you think it does.’

I flicked the bulge beneath his towel and he gasped.

‘I could just send you off all hot and horny and make you wait.’ I caressed his face. ‘So very tempting.’ I gave my thigh a firm tap.

‘What have you been reading?’

I gave him an innocent look. ‘You made me watch you shower.’ I caressed my hands over his damp chest hair. ‘All that sexy skin and perfect profile.’ I tapped my thigh hard enough there was a slapping sound. ‘You should apologise for that.’

Jimmy swallowed and smiled. ‘I should.’ Holding his towel in place he straddled my lap, careful to avoid my knee.

I rested my hands on his crooked knees and stroked his thighs with my thumbs. I looked up at him and kissed his stomach just above the towel.

He clasped my face. ‘Are you sure you’re alright?’

‘I’m tough me.’ I caressed my hands up the back of his thighs. ‘Maybe you’re not the only one who’s a horny fucker, but you did just make me watch you shower.’

‘Liked it, did you?’

I cupped his rear. ‘It was very naughty, perhaps I should punish you.’ I squeezed his arse gently.

He opened out his towel, held it wide. ‘Punish away.’

I snorted and giggled.

‘Hey, a man has his feelings.’

I kissed his hip. ‘Oh, I’m sorry. Are your feelings sore?’

‘Aching.’ He dropped the towel on the floor. ‘Throbbing.’

I bit the side of his arse.

He exhaled. ‘Fuck me.’

I smiled against his thigh. ‘I plan to.’

He rested his forearm against the wall behind me. ‘How did I not know I like that?’

I licked the spot I’d bitten. ‘Mmm, wait till we get to the spanking, my babe’s going to love that.’

His phone buzzed on cabinet.

He went still. ‘Can you check that?’

One hand on his arse and his dick in my face I picked up his phone and keyed in the code. ‘It’s from Dan. He says, “I’m outside, where are you, you twat”.’

‘Fuck, he’s early.’

‘Just making sure Meg’s alright,’ I said as I typed.

The phone dinged again.

‘He says he won’t leave the engine running,’ I said and put the phone down but it was too late.

Jimmy was leaning both arms against the wall with his head against his hands and his dick as deflated as a bouncy castle after a pub fun day. It had been a wet day with a decided lack of fun.

‘Sorry,’ he muttered.

I shrugged and rubbed his rear. ‘There’s always later.’ I kissed just below his naval and nuzzled his stomach. ‘We have all the time in the world.’

He smiled and eased off the bed.

I settled down against the pillows. ‘I like the green shirt, even though I can’t see your chest hair through it.’

He chuckled and got out the green shirt.

Feature image by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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