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WARNING: Sexual content

Megan takes Jimmy on an adventure

Safety really was sexy. Jimmy looked good in his leathers and felt even better holding tight to me as we whizzed down the country roads, within the speed limits. No metal case and the air rushing by. That was freedom.

Unfortunately, the hip protection of sexy safety made pretty good dick protection too. We tugged at his leather trousers, laughing and kissing, but his hip protectors were determined not to give us space. Jimmy had to get off Bessie the bike to wriggled out of the new leather, armour, and arse padding and get back on. So did I, but that wasn’t exactly unexpected. It was worth it, Jimmy straddling my bike, illuminated by moonlight, rolling on a condom went straight into my Top Five Sexiest Things.

He held me tight, my bike purring beneath him, and I straddled him. The air was cool against my damp skin, the wood was quiet except for the sound of my bike and our pleasure. I wrestled with leather and armour to find skin, anticipation increasing delight. The sound of his zippers was still Number One Sexiest Thing, it made my mouth dry and my ovaries say, ‘fuck me now’. He loosened my hair, dug his face into it and moaned against my neck. My hands explored smooth leather and soft skin. He nibbled and sucked the spot on the curve of my neck he knew I loved. I inhaled the cigarette scent of him and exhaled his name. It was better than I’d imagined.

Afterwards we lay in the leaf litter, clothes in a semblance of order because bugs in our hair would be bad enough. I rested my head on his chest and his hair tickled my nose.

He played his fingers through my hair, winding and unwinding it around his forefinger and rubbing it with his thumb. ‘That was incredible.’

‘El says my bike is the longest, most sexual relationship I’ve had.’

Jimmy chuckled and kissed the top of my head. ‘Thank you for including me.’

I kissed his stomach. ‘I don’t let just anyone join.’

‘I’m honoured.’

I propped myself over him. ‘Rightly so.’ I kissed him softly. ‘I’m sorry if you ever feel like… I don’t…’ I shrugged.

He frowned at me. ‘You didn’t have to share this with me to prove anything.’

‘I know,’ I said. ‘I wanted to share it with you. There’s a lot of things I want to share with you but I’m scared it’ll all go wrong. Something will happen or I’ll scare you away.’

He caressed my cheek. ‘You won’t.’

‘Things could get intense.’

He smiled. ‘I like your brand of intense.’

‘I don’t just mean the sex.’

‘I know.’ He kissed me. ‘I’ll take all the intensity.’

I clasped his jaw and kissed him back.

‘Sometimes I worry you worry too much about me and not yourself.’ He caressed his fingers down my spine, a little less sexy than usual through my back plate.

I traced his lips. ‘El said something similar.’

‘El is a wise woman.’

I shifted onto my side. ‘It’s in my nature.’

‘I love that about you but I worry about you too. I worry about Rick turning up again, what will happen to you if the café closes –‘

I put a finger to his lips. ‘Shhh, you’re here for me when I need you, that’s the best thing you could possibly do for me.’ I kissed him softly.

‘Am I worrying too much?’ he asked and caught my hand.

I smiled. ‘I think you’re worrying the perfect amount. It’s nice, even if I worry you’re stressed enough.’ I pressed closer. ‘Carry on like that and I might let you put your dick in me a second time.’

He chuckled and kissed my forehead. ‘You don’t have to.’

‘I know, that’s what makes it nice.’ I ran my fingers through his hair. ‘It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just other stuff is more likely to make me come.’ I shrugged. ‘We can do more than one thing.’

His chuckle was more of a growl. ‘We definitely can.’

I stroked my hand over his stubbled jaw, thumb over soft lips followed by my forefinger and he caught it between his teeth in a soft pinch.

‘This relationship isn’t all about my satisfaction,’ I whispered. ‘It’s about mutual satisfaction. Just because having your dick in my vag won’t always give me an orgasm doesn’t mean you don’t get to do it.’

He glanced away, dimple showing in a bashful smile.

‘If I didn’t like it that would be a whole other issue,’ I added.

He nodded.

I slipped my hand inside his shirt. ‘There are some ways I like it more.’

‘Like on your bike in the middle of a wood?’

‘Yes.’ My fingers crept down his side.

He licked his lips. ‘How else?’

I slid my hand down his stomach and paused at the waist of his trousers. He nodded. I unfastened them, enjoying the pop of the button and the zipper descending. He inhaled sharply and groaned, eyes closed.

‘Well…’ I whispered.

Feature image by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash

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