Is there some friction between the brothers?

I was leaning against the kitchen counter still wearing Jimmy’s t-shirt while he made dairy-free scrambled eggs when Dan stumbled out of the bathroom wearing a pair of sunglasses.

‘My god, you have legs,’ he said.

Jimmy cast him a look.

‘What did you think was under my jeans?’ I asked without looking at him.

He lowered his sunglasses. ‘Not such muscular legs.’ He pushed the glasses back up his nose. ‘Put the chest hair away, Jimster, the lady isn’t impressed.’

I arched my eyebrows at Jimmy and he chuckled. The lady was very impressed, and he knew it.

Dan dropped down on the settee, switched on the TV, and opened the news pages. The settee was behind us facing away so I ran my finger down Jimmy’s stomach to the waist of his pyjama bottoms. He closed his eyes and exhaled shakily. I smiled, slipped the tip of my finger under the waistband of his bottoms then withdrew.

‘Urgh,’ Dan said. ‘I thought the BBC were meant to be the bastion of British journalism. All this pro-Tory bollocks isn’t helping my head.’

I poured Dan a mug of strong coffee from the pot then took it over to him and sat down on the settee. ‘Get that down you.’

‘Thanks.’ He sniffed it as if his stomach was still uncertain then sipped it.

He tilted sideways and rested his head on my shoulder.

I rolled my eyes. Jimmy scowled at Dan as he plated up the food, anyone would’ve thought Dan was feeling my boobs or nibbling my neck. Jimmy pulled on a shirt from his clean laundry basket and sat down at the little dining table with three plates of eggs and toast.

‘Sorry, about last night,’ Dan said, took a gulp of coffee and winced.

‘It’s fine.’ I patted his shoulder. ‘It was nice to do something different.’ I caught Jimmy’s eye and gave him what I hoped was a chastising look

Dan looked at his watch. ‘Shit. I’ll be late.’ He took a gulp of coffee and thrust it into my hands.

‘There’s plenty of time,’ Jimmy said.

‘Things to do.’ Dan grabbed his jacket and bag.

‘What about your breakfast?’ Jimmy asked.

‘You sound like Mum.’ Then he was out the door, his steps thudding down the stairs before it had closed.

Jimmy sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

I moved to the table, set aside Dan’s barely touched coffee and pulled his plate towards me. ‘Waste not, want not.’ I put the plate between us. ‘I’m sure I can be persuaded to share.’

Jimmy chuckled.

The front door slammed and I glanced towards the doors. ‘Is he alright to drive?’

‘He’s fine, he puts it on for sympathy.’ Jimmy prodded his eggs. ‘Your sympathy.’

‘I see.’ I shook my head and took a bite of eggs, Jimmy had already put extra pepper on my eggs. ‘Men are like bloody buses.’

Jimmy chuckled then sobered. ‘You’re not…’


He shrugged. ‘He’s the good-looking brother.’

‘Not the angle I’m looking from.’

He pushed eggs around his plate.

I sighed. ‘What’s up?’

‘Ignore me, I’m being ridiculous and jealous.’ He tossed his fork onto the plate and clasped his hands.

‘No, we talk about it now or eventually it won’t just be “ridiculous”. I learnt that the hard way.’

He rested his forehead against his clasped hands. ‘You were having so much fun with Dan last night I just wondered… Do we have fun, or do we just have sex?’

‘We spend most of the time we’re together laughing.’

He straightened. ‘I told you, it’s ridiculous.’

I frowned at my eggs. ‘I’m not sure it’s ridiculous to worry about losing something wonderful when it’s still new.’ Perhaps I was hoping it wasn’t. ‘Besides, my tastes don’t run to “just” sex.’ I twisted in my chair to look at him. ‘I like Dan, but he’s not you.’ I kissed him softly. ‘You’re something special.’

‘You’re amazing.’ He kissed me deeply.

I caressed his face and his stubble rasped against my hand. He’d had a beard for a while and Nan had won five quid in a bet to get him to shave it off by telling him I preferred men without beards.

I nipped his lip and broke away. ‘Breakfast is getting cold.’

He watched me as I ate for a moment.

‘I hope you’re thinking up epic business plans while your breakfast is going cold,’ I said, scraping eggs onto a fragment of toast.

‘I was thinking how lucky I was to meet you.’

I kept my gaze on my breakfast, cheeks warm and a smile fighting against containment. ‘It’s lucky you put free food on the job ad or you might not.’ I put my fingers on the edge of Dan’s abandoned plate and drew it closer to me.

He leaned over and kissed my cheek then went back to his own breakfast. I could get used having breakfast with him.

Feature image by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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