WARNING: Sexual Content

Megan and Jimmy sneak around

Lying on the settee with his arm thrown over his eyes Dan was intent on proving attractive people could snore really loudly whatever the movies made out. It was amazing he didn’t wake himself up.

I leaned in, wondering if I should shake him awake before he did himself an injury.

‘He’s always been like that.’

I jumped straight and swung to face Jimmy who was holding a folded t-shirt and a toothbrush.

‘He doesn’t need anything…’ I gestured vaguely at my face.

‘He can breathe, he just does it loudly.’ He offered me the pile.

I nodded, unsure what to say about that so just took the pile. ‘So, spare room…’

He nodded. ‘Spare room…’

‘Yeah…’ I went to the bathroom and gave my reflection an eye roll. Smooth, really smooth. I sighed and helped myself to Jimmy’s toothpaste.

Two hours later I was lying awake in the semi-darkness of streetlights seeping through the curtains, listening to the unfamiliar traffic noise and the tick of the clock when there was a soft knock at the door.

I sat up. ‘Yes?’

The door cracked open and Jimmy stuck his head in. ‘Mind if I join you?’

I smiled. ‘You can…’

He came in and shut the door. ‘I don’t think he’s going to wake up.’ He was only wearing a pair of tight black trunks that hugged some interesting curves, a line of hair ran up his stomach and bloomed across his chest.

I shifted to my knees. ‘Are those for my benefit?’

He glanced away. ‘Maybe…’

I squeezed my lips together to smother a laugh and pulled the covers back.

He got into bed, snuggled in against my back, kissed my shoulder, and sighed. ‘This is nice.’


He caressed a hand down my side.

‘Horny fucker.’ I grinned and looked over my shoulder at him. ‘Don’t you think about anything else?’

He kissed me gently. ‘It’s a serious condition called “my girlfriend is too sexy”.’

I snorted and shook my head then rolled over to face him. ‘So…’ I walked my fingers up his arm. ‘Are you going to tell me about all your wicked thoughts to get me in mood?’

He smiled and raised his eyebrows. ‘Do you want to know?’

I pretended to think. ‘Yes.’

He rested his hand on my hip, chuckled wickedly, and whispered filth into my ear. Things he wanted me to do to him, things he wanted to do for me, how he’d touched himself thinking about them. Perversion wrapped in sweet vowels that gave me shivers. My breathing deepened and I clutched his shoulder, he hadn’t even moved his hand from my hip. Jimmy’s voice was sex.

I shifted onto my back and dug my fingers into his hair. He grinned, daring me. I shrugged and pushed his head down.

‘Thank you,’ he mouthed.

I laughed and wiggled as he pulled off my underwear.

He tossed it aside, eased my t-shirt up and kissed my stomach. He got between my legs and groaned like a starving man at a banquet. ‘My king,’ he murmured. And put his head down.

I gasped. I dug my fingers into his hair enjoying his tongue, the movement of he head, the sounds of his hunger. His stubble scratched my thighs, his hands gripped my rear, and his moans vibrated through me. I arched against him and bit down on the knuckle of my thumb. I didn’t come easily, typical it would be loudly when there was someone in the next room.

I tipped my head back and grabbed the pillows, trying to be quiet. ‘You fucker,’ I said through gritted teeth, the harder I tried to be quiet the more it built. ‘Oh, you fucker.’ I gasped. ‘You…’ I cried out incoherently. I collapsed back and giggled breathlessly through the aftershocks.

Jimmy flopped down beside me and wriggled out of his underwear.

I spread my fingers and kissed his chest. ‘Do you want a turn?’

‘I’ve got to be honest,’ he said breathlessly. ‘I came in my pants.’

I snorted and pressed my face into his chest, still giggling.

‘I told you, “my girlfriend is too fucking sexy” is a serious condition.’ He put his arm around me and kissed the top of my head.

I raised my head slightly. Dan was still snoring loudly. ‘Would anything wake that man?’

‘Not when he’s had a few,’ Jimmy said. ‘I’ll sneak back to my bed early and he’ll never know.’

I sighed and settled into his side.

Jimmy nuzzled his face into my hair. ‘This is very nice.’

I curled my arm around his waist. ‘It is.’ I held him tight while I still could.

Feature image by Jasmine Waheed on Unsplash

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