Warning: Sexual content and bad language

There’s a secret at Take a Bite Cafe and it’s not in the cooking.

I arched my back and grabbed the side of the desk, at risk of melting into a pool of bliss without an orgasm. I dug my fingers into Jimmy’s hair, his tenacity was fucking incredible but if he carried on any longer he was going to give himself a jaw injury. I tapped his hand.

He came up breathless. ‘You’re not done.’

‘If you do me anymore you’ll be scraping me off the floor.’

He chuckled and nuzzled my stomach. ‘Thoroughly exorcised?’

I laughed and rubbed my face. ‘I don’t know, there’s a demon between my thighs.’

He laughed kissed my thigh. ‘They’re very nice thighs.’

I pulled a pen out from beneath my back and tossed it aside. ‘Keep that up and I’ll let you do it again.’

‘I’m not hearing anything to discourage me,’ he murmured between kisses.

I sighed and stretched. ‘Your turn.’

‘I’ve been eating you pussy for…’ He checked his watch. ‘Thirty-five minutes, I’m done.’ He kissed my stomach through my shirt.

‘You’re exaggerating and it’s not the impression I’m getting.’ I wafted him away. ‘You’ll get cum on my clothes.’

He grinned, leaned over and kissed me. ‘You love it.’

I played my fingers through his hair. ‘My date might not.’ I kissed his nose. ‘Sure you don’t want sucking off before I go?’

He climbed onto the desk. ‘Don’t go.’ He kissed my neck.

‘Mother set it up despite me saying “no”, repeatedly.’ I played my fingers through his hair. ‘I’m only going out of sympathy rather than leaving the poor man sitting by himself.’

‘Who is it?’

I traced his lips with my thumb. ‘Mark from Marketing.’

‘Mark from Marketing?’ He nipped my thumb. ‘No idea.’

‘Apparently, he’s “going places”.’

‘Some am I.’ He grinned wickedly and gave me a peck on the lips.

‘You were definitely trying to.’ I shifted and slipped my hand under his jumper, tracing the line of hair up his stomach. The thought of all that soft, bronze skin I could kiss, and suck, and nibble made my mouth water.

He popped open another button of my shirt and kissed where lacy bra met skin. ‘I like to be thorough.’

‘You’re definitely thorough.’ I drew his mouth back to mine and kissed his chin. ‘With any luck he won’t turn up.’

‘He’d be a fool.’

‘Flatterer.’ I chuckled. ‘Wishing a rival on yourself. I might decide to run away with Mark from Marketing.’

‘Hm.’ He kissed me softly. ‘I think I’m secure.’

I caressed his chest, hand still under his jumper. I wanted to tell him I loved him but they were big, scary, painful words that wrapped fingers round your heart and ripped it out your chest. Instead I smiled. ‘I’ll text you when I get there give it thirty minutes and call me with a work emergency.’

‘There’s a plumbing emergency.’ He put my hand to the bulge in his jeans.

I propped myself up on my elbow. ‘Does the piping need seeing to?’

He rubbed against my hand and closed his eyes. ‘Urgently.’

‘Horny fucker.’ I nipped his lip. ‘But you said no when I offered.’ I made a sad face. ‘You’ll just have to wait.’

‘You asked before you started stroking.’ He nuzzled my neck. ‘You know I can’t resist the stroking.’

‘You should’ve thought of that.’ I kissed his cheek. ‘There’s always stroking.’

‘Just a quick handjob?’

I tugged his collar to the side and bit his shoulder lightly.

He hissed. ‘You’re making it worse. Don’t stop.’

I licked the spot I’d bitten then shoved him over and straddled him. A pen pot hit the floor only to be squashed by a stack of papers. I peered over the edge of the desk. ‘Ooops.’

‘That’s hot.’

I kissed him. ‘Give me that call and I’ll give you better than a handjob or a better handjob, whichever you prefer.’ I clambered off the desk and pulled on my underwear.

He sat up. ‘Choices, choices, choices.’

‘And missed opportunities.’ I pulled on my jeans.

He got his cigarettes and blue disposable lighter out his pocket. ‘It’s hot watching you get dressed too.’

‘Is there anything you don’t find hot?’ I asked.

‘Hmmm, everything about you is hot.’ He put a cigarette to his lips and lit it. ‘I used to have such wicked fantasies about you.’ He exhaled a stream of smoke and wiggled his eyebrows,

‘Used to?’ I wrapped one around his neck and took the cigarette with my other hand.

He fastened my jeans. ‘You weren’t my girlfriend. It was a guilty wank.’

I stepped away, still holding his cigarette. ‘Pulling out the wank fantasies? That’s a low blow.’

‘It’s not my fault you love listening to them.’

I shoved my feet in my steel toe-capped boots. ‘Not just listening.’

He grinned.

‘You look like the cat that got the cream.’

‘Technically, I did and it’s all over my face.’

I snorted and gave him his cigarette back. ‘You’ll just have to suck on that for a bit.’ I bent over and tied my laces.

‘I’ll be thinking of you.’

I grabbed my rucksack and slung it over my shoulder. ‘You better be.’

He caught me round the waist and drew me in. ‘You be safe.’

I considered him a moment then kissed him. ‘I try.’

Feature image by Sabri Tuzcu on Unsplash

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I'm a writer and academic specialising in fantasy fiction and creative writing theory. I'm allergic to pretentiously talking about fiction and aim to be unashamedly ‘commercial’. Surely all fiction is commercial anyway, or what’s the point in publishing it?

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