Coming Up in 2019

Having concluded Rum Cove it’s time for me to take an annual break to finish off upcoming projects for the rest of the year.

Here’s what you’ve got to look out for:

Take a Bite Cafe

New Serial Coming July/August

Can Megan and Jimmy save Take a Bite Cafe and overcome the obstacles to their relationship?

A contemporary romance set in a working class cafe in the UK

Writing Back to Basics

Available From 12th August 2019

I’m currently putting the finishing touches on three new writing books adapted from the articles featured on site. They’ll be available on Kindle and in paperback.

Broad Faker

Coming September/October 2019

Lot, Bran, and Josef are back and we’re entering a new era in 1860s London.

Lot’s past catches up with her and the children decide their futures.

Already Available

Don’t forget, Lot, Bran, and Josef’s previous adventures Victorian Mistress and Nine Shillings are already available on Amazon in ebook and paperback.

NOTE: They will soon be disappearing from this site and Wattpad to become Amazon exclusive but Rum Cove will remain available

Published by Jesse

I'm a writer and academic specialising in fantasy fiction and creative writing theory. I'm allergic to pretentiously talking about fiction and aim to be unashamedly ‘commercial’. Surely all fiction is commercial anyway, or what’s the point in publishing it?

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