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WARNING: Sexual content including threesome, fem dom, and a disappearing crop

Lot, Bran, and Josef’s sexy time doesn’t go as planned.

London – 1844

‘Cliff House is lovely but it’s nice to be back in our own room,’ I said, unbuttoning Josef’s waistcoat.

‘I always thought it was a bit gloomy.’ Josef cupped my face and leaned in for a kiss. ‘It didn’t seem so this time.’

I shoved his waistcoat off his shoulders, pinning his arms behind him. ‘You had us.’

He grinned and made a show of tugging at his bindings, he could’ve torn straight through if he chose. ‘No kisses?’

I rose up on my toes until my breath warmed his lips. ‘Anticipation, my love, anticipation.’

He growled softly, shoulders flexing against my grip. I dropped back on my heels and pulled his waistcoat off in a snap of fabric. I untucked his shirt, sliding my hands over his soft skin and wiry hair. He pulled his it off, threw it aside, and encroached on me. I put my hand to his chest and pushed him back, tutting. My claws rasped down his chest and played over the buttons of his trousers.

Bran swallowed, peeking around the door from the dressing room, still in his shirt and trousers. Nervous energy vibrated off him, his excitement was sweet in the air. He always got a bout of nervous excitement before new games, always worried he’d fumble it yet eager to try. Sometimes Bran’s fantasies exceeded his comfort and he didn’t know when to stop until he panicked. His safety button was jammed in off, I kept him safe lest his fantasies consumed him.

I curled my fingers into the waist of Josef’s trousers, pulled him close and looped my arm around his waist, holding his arms. ‘No touching.’ I unfastened the first button of his trousers with a pop and glanced at Bran leaning against the doorframe, chewing his lip and heart thrumming with excitement.




Josef’s growl rumbled in his chest. I pressed close, nuzzling my face into his chest hair. I retracted my claws and spread my fingers against Josef’s stomach. Bran’s grip was tight on the doorframe, his thumb pinched between his teeth. Josef’s arms strained against my grip, tightening the muscles in his chest. I slipped the tips of my fingers into his trousers, kissed his chest lightly, then withdrew.

Josef exhaled his frustration in a whoosh. I chuckled, picked up my crop from beside the bed and tapped my lips with it. I traced my fingertips over the footboard as I walked towards Bran.

I leaned against the doorframe and whispered, ‘Are you coming out to play?’

‘I don’t want to ruin it,’ he murmured.

I caressed his leg with the end of my crop and looked up at him through my hair. ‘You never could.’

Josef kicked off his trousers, stretched out on the bed and propped himself up on his side. ‘I’ve been vomited on during sex.’

I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose. ‘And there goes the cockplosion atmosphere.’

Bran shook with suppressed laughter.

I looked over at Josef. ‘How?’

He wafted his hand over his groin. ‘I don’t like to boast.’

I turned back to Bran and mocked winced. ‘Oof, that is a bit of a boast.’

Josef flopped onto his back. ‘Woe is me!’

Bran snorted and laughed.

I touched the handle of my crop to my lips and bit it. Bran stared.

I stepped back. ‘If you want it, you’ve got to come get.’

He tossed his shirt aside, swept me off my feet and kissed me like he needed my lips the way most people needed air. I landed on my back on the bed with Bran grinding against me as we kissed with lip-splitting fervour, fangs were dangerous in passionate smooches.

‘Don’t mind me,’ Josef said, watching us like we were his private pornography stash.

I rolled us over and pinned Bran down with my crop across his chest. ‘More?’

‘Yes.’ He grinned and tried to sit up to steal a kiss.

I held him down. He tried to grind against me, I stayed just out of reach.

I held Bran’s gaze then looked at Josef.

He kissed me softly and cupped my breasts, or tried to. ‘Corsets,’ he muttered. ‘Getting your dick as hard as they make boobs feel.’

I snorted.

Josef nuzzled his face in the swell of my cleavage, his beard tickled. ‘I love your boobs.’

I laughed.

Bran strained and hissed in frustration, gripping the bare skin above my riding boots, it was all he could reach.

I nipped Josef’s ear. ‘Either Bran wants some boobs or some beard.’

Josef chuckled, clasped Bran’s chin and kissed him deeply, then his neck, his chest. Bran tipped his head back, teeth gritted as he strained not to wiggle around. Josef’s hand travelled down Bran’s stomach to the slither of bare skin on my leg and up under my chemise.

I nodded. It sounded like a good idea. For a moment it felt like a good idea. I wobbled, Josef’s hand and Bran’s trouser-clad cock argued about who had right of way, my grip slackened, Bran popped up and grabbed Josef in a hungry embrace, we all toppled over in a laughing heap, somehow defying physics and not falling off the bed.

I smacked Josef’s hand away, trying to catch my breath but it seemed too funny.

Bran disentangled himself, looked around confused, and settled for the default of taking the side Josef wasn’t. He ended up with Josef’s legs, which were under mine, between his as Josef cackled into his hands.

‘Sorry, I messed that up,’ Bran mumbled.

I slapped his chest lightly, cleared my throat, and coughed. ‘That was on Josef.’

Josef gasped a breath. ‘You fell over.’

‘You distracted me.’

He wiped his face, appearing to forget his hand was wet. ‘I try.’

I smacked his chest a little harder than I had Bran’s but still in the realm of playful. ‘That’s why we don’t go off script.’

‘You said there was room for some improv, and you always like that,’ Josef said.

‘I know, that’s the problem –‘

‘Stop bickering,’ Bran murmured, chuckling, and kissed my shoulder. ‘One of you was going to stick something in the other eventually.’

I looked at him and whispered, ‘Wasn’t that the point?’

He spluttered and giggled, setting Josef and I off again. We took a moment to collect ourselves and figure out whose legs were whose.

Once we were tangled in a slightly more comfortable way I said, ‘I didn’t even get to nibble Bran’s arse.’

‘Never going to understand that,’ Josef replied.

I gave him a shove. ‘Never stops you jacking off while you watch us.’

He chuckled and kissed my forehead. ‘You should try watching you.’

Giving Bran his ouch was the bit Josef couldn’t do, the pleasure of pain was a fine art not everyone could paint. The sharp bite and soft kiss were delicate brush strokes on the canvas of Bran’s body that couldn’t be misplaced anymore than the touch of a brush on an oil painting. Jacking himself or others off was Josef’s own artform I couldn’t match.

‘Back to it before everyone gets back from the park?’ I asked, which wouldn’t be for another few hours.

‘Can I be blunt?’ Bran asked.

I looked over my shoulder at him. ‘Always.’

He cleared his throat. ‘Your bottom nestled against me feels too good to move now.’

I considered this. ‘Skip a few steps?’

‘Oh, thank God,’ Josef said. ‘My dick thinks there’s been a drought.’

I laughed and hooked my leg over him. ‘Gagging for the waters of lady garden, is it?’

‘Parched.’ He slipped his hand down between us and gave himself a quick wake up. ‘A mouth or a well-oiled hand would’ve done but as there’s vagina right there…’

I smack his hip, a different kind of playful. ‘Don’t forget I have multiple choice.’ I reached behind me and dug my fingers into Bran’s hair.

Bran slipped his long-fingered hand in between Josef and I because he had his own special talents too, he eased closer and kissed my shoulder. I ground against him. We’d already practice it enough times it was our old reliable.

‘Are you ready?’ Josef murmured against my ear.

One hand still in Bran’s hair I grabbed hold of Josef with the other, ‘Most definitely.’

Josef reached round, slid his hand into Bran’s trousers and gripped Bran’s rear as he pushed into me.

I gasped, dug my nails into his back, and pulled Bran’s hair tight enough to make his hiss satisfaction. ‘I take it back, you weren’t boasting.’

Josef laughed and kissed me.

It felt so good, snug in my manwich; the rough jolt of Josef’s thrusts, the solid brace of Bran against my back, kissing and touching them, being kissed and touched in return, them kissing and touching each other. Limbs tangled, bodies pressing, breathing heavy, moans, and whispers of love.

Josef finished with a cry.

I twisted round between them and gripped the waist of Bran’s trousers. He nodded. I tore them open, pinging buttons all over the place, and yanked them down his thighs. I hooked my leg over Bran, and he was inside me at the summons of whispered request. Josef pressed tight to my rear, riding the force of Bran’s thrusts. I gripped Bran’s arse tight enough my nails bit and Josef put his hands over mine, urging Bran on, deep and rough.

I exclaimed their names and rode them out, on and on, an eternity in a moment. I tipped them like dominoes and we collapsed in a breathless tangle.

‘Well, that was athletic,’ I said and pushed my hair out my face.

Bran laughed more than was necessary.

I stroked his nose. ‘Come back down, chuckaboo.’

Josef looked around, shrugged, and wiped his cum off my backside with the sheets.

Bran sighed and tucked his head under my chin. I played my fingers through his hair and caressed his back, he went loose against me like a cat with catnip. Josef nuzzled my neck and settle against my back with his arms around us and his hand on Bran’s arse.

I exhaled deeply. ‘So, we should probably talk about Mary’s birthday party.’

Josef kissed the nape of my neck. ‘We need more cake this year.’

‘Not chocolate,’ Bran mumbled. ‘They got more on me than they ate.’

‘I know,’ Josef said. ‘It was bloody hilarious.’

I chuckled and kissed Bran’s nose. ‘Chocolate-coated Bran was quite tasty.’

‘Did I tell you about the time I put chocolate on my dick?’ Josef asked.

I spluttered. ‘I am not sucking chocolate off your cock.’

He squeezed us and kissed my shoulder. ‘I thought you were adventurous.’

‘Adventurous, not silly.’ I shifted slightly to look at him better. ‘Alright, what happened to cocoa-cock?’

Bran laughed loudly.

Josef stuck out his bottom lip. ‘I get the impression you’re not taking this seriously.’

I nipped his lip. ‘I absolutely would never laugh at any chocolate coated cock catastrophes.’

He nuzzled the side of my face. ‘If you’re not going to laugh with me, why am I telling you?’

I caressed his face and kissed him softly. ‘I promise to always laugh with you, if it’s funny.’

He shifted onto his back and stretched out. ‘Oh, trust me it’s funny.’

I kissed him again and relaxed into our little cocoon. ‘I trust you.’


Rum Cove Cover Image – Cesare Andrea Ferrari of Shutterstock

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