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Agape finds herself disappointed

Hastings – 1844

‘The ground ate her?’ Agape said over tea and cucumber sandwiches. ‘Well, that’s most inconvenient.’

‘Didn’t seem it at the time,’ I replied, my voice was still croaky and my neck was an interesting shade of purple. Once the bones had finished resetting my magic had decided its work was done and it was taking its time with the bruises, although they already looked days older than they were.

She eyed my neck. ‘I can see that. She must’ve really hated you.’

‘I think she really hated all of us and Charlotte was the easiest target,’ Josef said, cross-legged and grim.

‘Perhaps.’ Agape sighed. ‘Does make it frightfully difficult to make an example of her. I’ll have to use one of her cohorts.’

‘Cohorts?’ I asked.

‘Hmmm, the problem with plotting against someone is that when the leader of the coup dies they do tend to get panicky and conspicuous. Very unfortunate for them when you’re already looking for them.’ She shrugged. ‘If they didn’t want to get caught they shouldn’t have been plotting.’

I nodded and winced.

‘When you get home, give her some of your blood Josef, that’ll help.’ I assumed she didn’t chastise him for not doing so because we weren’t the only vampire lovers who go a bit frisky when we exchanged blood. After almost having my head popped off I’d taken a nap snuggled between Bran and Josef instead. Much more sensible.

Agape poured herself another cup of tea and stirred in a sugar lump. ‘I’m going to have to reconsider the power structure after this and put tighter controls on turning vampires.’ She gave Josef a scolding look. ‘But, if some people took more care perhaps these things wouldn’t happen.’

I put my hand over Josef’s where it was resting on the table. ‘Perhaps, if some people stopped calling themselves a mother and took a mother’s responsibilities it wouldn’t happen either.’

She chuckled and sat back. ‘Hmmm, I can’t deny my past mistakes may have played a part. To be fair, it did take me some time to grow into my chosen role, I would not do things the same way again.’ She looked at me. ‘I’m sure you have similar things in your past.’

I looked at the table.

She smiled. ‘I’m not going to hold your protectiveness of Josef against you. Once he needed help and I didn’t give it, your assessment is fair. As long as you acknowledge that had I been who I am now I would have given it.’

‘Speaking a former heartless, emotional manipulator, I can’t really argue.’ I raised my tea and we clinked cups.

‘Well, you made not have the blood of the family but I think you’ve already proven a good addition.’ Agape smiled. ‘For my personal amusement, if nothing else.’

Josef glared at her.

‘Oh, I am sorry, did you lose your sense of humour in the last twenty-four hours?’

‘He’s just upset I almost died,’ I said and offered her the plate of cucumber sandwiches. ‘Sandwich?’

‘Don’t mind if I do.’ She took one. ‘If you see your friend The Rider ask her to stop by, I’d like to see if she rides anything else as well as a horse.’

‘Have fun.’

‘Oh, I plan to.’ She stretched out. ‘I think I may stay longer in England this time. What society gossip do I need to know to blend in?’

I sucked in a breath and my throat protested. ‘I’m not sure, blending in isn’t my strongest suit.’

She laughed. ‘I suppose not.’

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