This week we’re looking at the basics of world building. The things we need to consider overall and the things we need to consider by genre

  • Tuesday – Bricks and MortarWhat is world building?
  • Wednesday – Getting Contemporary, The pitfalls of assuming contemporary means easy world building.
  • Thursday – Hunting HistoryDo we need to be historically accurate?
  • Friday – Finding the Fantastical, The basics of fantasy world building
  • Saturday – Saturday – A new episode of Rum Cove every day from the 15th – 22nd December.

Graphic showing the ebook and paperback of Victorian Mistress

Victorian Mistress, the edited version featuring bonus story First Meetings, is now 0.99 on Kindle in the UK, US, Europe, Canada, and Australia.

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I'm a writer and academic specialising in fantasy fiction and creative writing theory. I'm allergic to pretentiously talking about fiction and aim to be unashamedly ‘commercial’. Surely all fiction is commercial anyway, or what’s the point in publishing it?

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