Happy Birthday, Jesse’s Studio!

Jesse’s Studio is 2 years old today!

Today also marks the launch of the pre-order for the kindle version of Victorian Mistress, it had been edited and features bonus story First Meetings.

For a full list of Amazon links try the brand new Shop page.

Victorian Mistress Amazon Site Banner 2

As of today you can now also buy Victorian Mistress and Nine Shillings merchandise, photographic prints, and digital art on Redbubble.

Shop Lot Button 2

As you’ll see below Jesse’s Studio is also launching a new image watermark featuring the site logo rather than the address or my name.

More Grusome Grammar Revisited

Happy Birthday Jesses StudioBack to business and we’re continuing our look at grammar with more curious comma rules, adding sentence extras, and a few things we shouldn’t do with grammar.

  • Monday – Commenting on CommasA look at linking speech with dialogue tags.
  • Tuesday – Continuing CommasCommas when addressing people and decribing things.
  • Wednesday – Off The WallBrackets, what are they for? Where do they go?
  • Thursday – Dot, Dot, DashHow about those dashes? How do they work?
  • Friday – Doubling Our PunctuationOn using multiple punctuation marks and why we don’t!!
  • Saturday – The weekly serial is on hiatus but will return in September with Rum Cove the third book in the Book of Lot series. Read the first two books on the Weekly Serial page or Wattpad.

Last week we got grammatical with:

From the 18th August 2018 I’ll be taking short break to work on new articles, a new serial, and site improvements.

I’ll be back on the 2nd September 2018 to launch Victorian Mistress as a Kindle book and paperback, new site content, and news of book three in the Book of Lot series, Rum Cove.

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I'm a writer and academic specialising in fantasy fiction and creative writing theory. I'm allergic to pretentiously talking about fiction and aim to be unashamedly ‘commercial’. Surely all fiction is commercial anyway, or what’s the point in publishing it?

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