Getting Grammatical Revisited

This week we’re looking at some points of basic grammar that often cause confusion because they’re confusing. The article on homophones was particularly fun to write, obviously I never confused any of them once…

All these articles are based on British grammar. I should probably add that this is my personal approach to grammar and others may not agree, but these articles do feature a few tricks I use to help me.

  • Monday – Apostrophe or ApostronotWhen and where do we use apostrophes?
  • Tuesday – Horrifying HomophonesThere, their, they’re and WHY?
  • Wednesday – The Curse of The CommaSo where do we put those fiddly little things? Also introducing my Hopefully Helpful Bracket Technique.
  • Thursday – Looking at ListsUsing commas in lists and the Oxford Comma debate.
  • Friday – Shocking Semi-ColonsA few simple ways to use a semi-colon.
  • Saturday – The weekly serial is on hiatus but will return in September with Rum Cove the third book in the Book of Lot series. Read the first two books on the Weekly Serial page or Wattpad.

Last week we were looking at the use of words:

Only one week to go until…

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