We’re finishing the articles for 2017 with the look at a few more troublesome words before beginning our pre-Christmas fiction frenzy.

  • Monday – As In, A look at the trouble with one word having so many meanings.
  • Tuesday – Along and Awhile, To space or not to space, that is the question.
  • Wednesday – Then Came The Toos, is it to or too? Then or than?
  • Thursday – May be, Maybe? Which one when?
  • Friday – In To or Into? The ways in to and into can get you into a lot of trouble, especially with other writers.
  • Saturday – Cups of Coffee, Fiction Frenzy begins with Josef trying to explain himself to Lot.



For one week only exclusively on Wattpad First Meetings: A Victorian Mistress Prequel

Discover how Lot and Bran first met in 1837

Available from 25th December until 1st of January

Apologies to WordPress readers but setting up 14 chapters to post in one day proved impractical over the Christmas period. However, First Meetings will be included in the publication version of Victorian Mistress. I’ll post more news on this when I have some but I am busy working on making a complete and edited version available.


A special Christmas episode of Nine Shillings will be available on WordPress and Wattpad from 24th December


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