Summer Fun…

Now that Fiction Frenzy is over I’m taking a break from daily blogging to perform site maintenance, writer more advice articles, edit Victorian Mistress and begin a new serial.

  • New articles will begin appearing daily from the 13th August.
  • A new serial will begin on the 30th September
  • Check back regularly for news of the Edited and Expanded edition of Victorian Mistress, which will feature never before seen Lot adventures.

In the meantime you can still read past articles here and the original version of Victorian Mistress on the Weekly Serial page or Wattpad: @JesseQuill.

If you’ve enjoyed Lot’s adventures please leave a comment, or, if on Wattpad, please vote.


Published by Jesse

I'm a writer and academic specialising in fantasy fiction and creative writing theory. I'm allergic to pretentiously talking about fiction and aim to be unashamedly ‘commercial’. Surely all fiction is commercial anyway, or what’s the point in publishing it?

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