WARNING: Innuendoes abound.

Charlotte persuades Bran to go on an adventure with her.

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London – 1841

A slat in the headboard snapped and Bran lost his balance. He cursed in Irish, with impressive fervour for a man of his quiet disposition.

I propped myself up on my elbows to look at the broken wood. ‘It’s going to take more than a bit of paste to fix that.’

Bran laughed breathlessly against the curve of my neck then lay down on the bed beside me. ‘Was that alright?’

‘More than alright.’ I chuckled and kissed him.

He dug his fingers into my damp curls and kissed me back deep enough to count my back molars.

‘As long as you remember no back alley antics,’ I murmured against his mouth.

He grinned.

I was half on top of him when I said, ‘I need your help with something.’


‘I have a problem that may be vampire related,’ I said, tracing my fingertips over his chest. ‘And I need a vampire to help me solve it.’

‘I don’t think you need anyone’s help with anything,’ he murmured

I kissed his neck.

‘Josef’s your man. He specialises in catching rogue vampires.’

‘I don’t want to ask Josef.’ I rubbed my thigh against him.

His fingers dug into my hips. ‘That’s cheating.’

‘I’m a scoundrel, Brandon.’ I nuzzled the side of his face. ‘Cheating is what I do.’

‘It’s not my help you need.’

I kissed down his chest.

He sighed. ‘You’re really cheating now.’

‘I’m an utter scoundrel.’ I nipped his chest. ‘Come on an adventure with me, chuckaboo.’

‘I’m not the adventuring type,’ he said. ‘I’m the research type.’

‘You’re my walking vampire encyclopaedia, you don’t need to research.’ I outlined his naval with my tongue. ‘You can make sure it’s not too much fun.’

He shifted against me.

‘There’s vampires, it could be dangerous for me,’ I whispered.

He caught my arm and drew me a little further up. The clicking of the cogs turning in his brain was palpable. He ran his fingers through my hair and down my arm, frowning at the ceiling. I didn’t need him to speak to know he was coming up with arguments and counter arguments about why Josef was the better choice.

I pressed my face against his stomach and inhaled his whiskey and book scent. ‘You might be distracting though.’

‘I doubt anything could distract you on the hunt,’ he said without looking at me.

‘Bend over and we’ll see.’ I folded my arms over his chest and rested my chin on them. ‘It’s just a little investigative work. Nothing dangerous.’

‘The last time you said that Mrs Stapleton almost caught us making love in the garden.’

‘”Making love” sounds so very…’ I smiled. ‘Tame.’ I tilted my head towards the broken slat. ‘Maybe we need a metal bedframe.’

He continued to scowl at the plasterwork above. ‘I can bend metal.’

I shifted up him ‘Get out there and use that big brain if yours to sort this out. No-one else is going to.’

He stared at me for what felt an age before he said. ‘What makes you think it could be vampires?’

I teased his hair with my fingers. ‘Warnings of a mysterious sickness and getting chased by a vampire. As far as I know vampires don’t drink from sick people. Or am I wrong?’

‘Hypothetically, an epidemic would need multiple vampires,’ he said slowly as if he was struggling with the notion of being asked an opinion, which was odd, I asked his opinion a lot. ‘One vampire couldn’t feed from enough people to look like an epidemic. They could kill them but that wouldn’t fit.’ He paused, rubbing one of my curls between his fingers. ‘It wouldn’t be the local coven, it’s too conspicuous, but that isn’t to say they’d stop non-coven vampires.’ He sighed. ‘Most vampires have less concern for humans that people do cows.’

‘Moo,’ I said and touched my nose to his. ‘So does this mean you’ll help me?’

‘We can investigate, but that’s it,’ he said.

‘Being forceful?’

‘A nest of vampires is dangerous.’

‘I get the thrust of your point,’ I replied.

He coughed to cover a laugh.

‘However,’ I said. ‘If you care to give me a more in-depth examination of your point I’d be fascinated.’

He glanced towards the door. ‘We’re lucky we got long enough alone the first time.’

‘I can make it brief.’

He looked at me. ‘I don’t doubt that.’

I slid one hand downwards. ‘Shall I test your theory?’

Part of Jesse’s Studio’s Fiction Frenzy there will be a new episode of Victorian Mistress everyday until 24th June 2017.


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