WARNING: References to sex.

Charlotte and Bran have an uninvited guest.

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London – 1841

I was putting books back on the shelves in the library when Bran came up behind me, wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck.

‘Tell me you love me, please,’ he murmured.

I tilted my head to kiss him. ‘I love you.’ I grinned. ‘If you’re not careful you’ll wear it out.’

Worry passed over his face.

‘The words, I mean. You might get tired of hearing them.’

He pressed his face to my hair and sighed. ‘Not possible.’

Given that Bran had everything he’d ever wanted, maybe he was right. I’d never much thought about it myself, I’d been too busy not dying to think about ever having time to do anything but survive. It had been nice when Bran told me he loved me but it didn’t have the meaning for me that it had for him.

‘In seven hundred years no-one’s ever told me that. Not like you.’

‘What do you mean?’ I asked and continued shelving my pile of books, or rather the books of fairy tales the children had left all over the floor at Josef’s impromptu invitation to the park. Not that they wouldn’t have left them on the floor otherwise.

‘You mean it. People have said it, but only because they wanted something from me.’

Given his low opinion of himself it was tempting to doubt him but having heard the sort of people he’d had around him in the past I wasn’t sure I could disbelieve it.

‘Tell me again, please,’ he said.

I turned around. ‘I love you but if you keep asking I might stop answering. You can have too much of a good thing.’

He lifted me up and I dropped the last few books.

‘Sorry,’ he said.

I wrapped my arms around his neck. ‘It’s fine.’

He smiled. ‘I’ve waited so long I don’t think it’s possible to have too much.’

I kissed him softly. ‘I’m getting a feel for your point.’

He blushed.

‘It’s a good point,’ I said. ‘You really want to fuck me in the library in the middle of the day?’ I grinned. ‘Given that you’re hard as a hurly stick, it’s only fair. Just call me the Good Samaritan.’ I kissed him so ferociously my teeth split his lip and I tasted bitter blood.

When we were done he lowered me carefully then leaned against the bookcase as he fastened his trousers and looked towards the ceiling riding a bliss wave. ‘I love you so much,’ he murmured and tucked in his shirt.

‘Isn’t that sweet?’ A man stepped out from behind the bookcases that hid the doors into the garden from view. I’d told Bran he had too many doors into the garden. He must’ve been able to move as fast as Josef for Bran not to sense him before he appeared. Or Bran was too distracted.

Bran dipped his head and hurriedly rearranged his clothes.

I shifted from foot-to-foot. Bran had said Richard wouldn’t come in while there were children in the house, but the children weren’t in the house and Josef was with them so Richard didn’t have to worry.

‘The rumours are true. She really is too lovely for you, Brandon. But I can see where there might be satisfaction is getting a girl as lovely as her on her knees to suck a dick as pathetic as yours.’ He smirked, showing his fangs.

I touched Bran’s hand before he could say something back. He glanced at me without raising his head and stayed silent.

The vampire’s stepped close and sniffed me. ‘Brandon, I can smell your spunk running down her leg, I didn’t know you had any.’ He put his face close to Bran’s.

Bran winced and shied away. ‘Papa wants to see you, Brandon. You’ve been naughty.’

Not Richard then, one of his minions instead.

‘I haven’t done anything,’ Bran whispered so quietly I could barely hear him.

The vampire was close enough that I might’ve been able to stab him through the heart but, according to Bran’s books, that didn’t kill vampires it only made them angry. Besides, I remembered what had happened to Bran the last time one of Richard’s vampires visited our house and hadn’t make it out.

The vampire lurched forward and Bran jerked back to fast he hit his head on the bookcase.

‘You spoiled Papa’s game.’ The vampire smiled and drew away. ‘Stay there and look at your whore, Brandon.’

Bran’s head turned towards me.

‘She’s furious. Is she going to hiss and spit and pull my hair?’ He grabbed my hair and tilted my head back.

I gritted my teeth against the pain and stared at him.

The vampire keep his eyes on Bran. ‘Such a fierce little thing. Perhaps it’s scale and such a little girl thinks you do have a big, hard dick.’

The muscles in Bran’s neck were straining but he didn’t move.

‘See that?’ The vampire asked. ‘I’m half his age and he can’t even break my compulsion and protect you. That’s how much he loves you.’

He dipped his head towards my neck, keeping his eyes on Bran. My fingertips curled around the catch on the scabbard hidden up my sleeve.

He stopped and pushed me aside. I banged into the bookcase.

‘On second thoughts, a whore who’d debase herself enough to let you inside her might dirty my palate.’ He sniffed and tugged his cuffs. ‘The scent of your sex is really quite disgusting. Come along, brother.’

The vampire turned to leave and Bran followed in his wake, his movements stiff.

I watched until they were gone then turned back to the bookcase Bran had been against. One shelf had snapped in two and the sharp edge was tilted outwards.

If I was that vampire I’d watched my back.

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