This week we’re beginning a look at first-person/subjective narration starting with a look at different ways of telling the story.

  • Monday – The Sight Unseen, With first-person things can’t happen on the page without the narrator to witness them.
  • Tuesday – Narrative Within Narrative, We can also tell a first-person narration within another narration.
  • Wednesday – Multiple Narrators, We can circumvent some problems of first-person with multiple narrators.
  • Thursdays – I Tell a Lie, First-person is known as subjective/unreliable because they can be mistaken or lying.
  • Friday – A Shift of Perspective, The story changes based on the narrator. Are they really the hero?
  • Saturday – The Fall, Charlotte has an adventure on a drainpipe.

For my original article on first-person/subjective narration click here. For more articles on narration/narrative click here.


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