This week we’re taking our first look at breaking chapters whether by scene, time or not having any at all.

  • Monday – Long Versus Short, Chapters can be a pacing tool, but not always.
  • Tuesday – The Change of Scene, Chapters can be broken by scene.
  • Wednesday – Passing Time, We can use chapters to indicate the passage of time.
  • Thursday – Tentative Transitions, Do we need a cliff-hanger to keep people reading?
  • Friday – Down With Chapters? We could dispense with chapters all together.
  • Saturday – Shedding a Load, Charlotte shows Mrs Stapleton her mettle.

One thought on “Chipping at Chapters

  1. I got tired of seeing so many books with micro-chapters. So decided to not have any chapters in my WIP.
    Did break it into 4 “parts.” Mostly because I needed some slight time jumps.
    Been an interesting experiment to see if I can write a page turner w/o the cliffhanger &/or micro-chapter gimmicks.

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