Writing a Weekly Serial

writing-a-weekly-serialThis week I’m recounting a few of the challenges I’ve encountered in my six months of writing a weekly serial:

  • Monday – Getting Ahead, Why it’s best to keep weeks ahead of posts.
  • Tuesday – Losing the Plot, The problem with subplots.
  • Wednesday – Don’t Forget Me, What if people forget characters?
  • Thursday – How Much? The detail versus word count conundrum.
  • Friday – Editing Issues, When you wish you could go back and change things.
  • Saturday – Through the Window, 1840 begins and we discover what Charlotte has been doing on her night time adventures.

To read the serial see the Weekly Serial page.

Published by Jesse

I'm a writer and academic specialising in fantasy fiction and creative writing theory. I'm allergic to pretentiously talking about fiction and aim to be unashamedly ‘commercial’. Surely all fiction is commercial anyway, or what’s the point in publishing it?

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