vile-villainyThis week we’re taking a look at villain in stories and considering the important question of motive, avoiding stereotypes and when a villain isn’t a villain.

  • Monday – I’m Evil So Because… why a villain’s motives need to be as complex as the protagonist’s.
  • Tuesday – It’s All in The Scar, where did the old cliché come from?
  • Wednesday – Cue Cackle, villain is just another name for antagonist and doesn’t need to be a person.
  • Thursday – Fooled You, sometimes the villain is the last person you expect.
  • Friday – Paperweights, Josef gives Charlotte a new insight into her abilities.
  • Saturday – The Necessity of a Notebook, lets take a moment to consider the necessity of writing ideas down.

Important Announcement: Over Christmas I shall be taking a break from daily posts to renovate the site, the galleries are already closed ready for work to begin. The last pre-Christmas post will be 17th December.


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