This week we’re looking at reading like a writer and how it’s not as complicated as people like to pretend.

  • Monday – Beginning to Read Like a Writer, You’ve probably already begun.
  • Tuesday – Reading Between the Words, ‘Analysing literature’ otherwise known as ‘because…’
  • Wednesday – Imagery, Imagery, Imagery… What we may infer from imagery is not the same as what a writer meant.
  • Thursday – I Saw That Coming… Seeing plot breadcrumbs and learning from them.
  • Friday – Simple Things, Bran returns from his trip and Charlotte begins to realise her feelings aren’t as simple as she thought.
  • Saturday – Variety is the Spice of Life, The importance of not confining your reading to a single genre but reading a lot of it is fine.

This week 1848 draws to a close in the Weekly Serial and 1849 awaits. My monkeys are busily at work writing what looks like a busy year for Charlotte.


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