I keep mentioning editing so I thought it was time I wrote something about editing and I decided to edit a story of my own I wasn’t happy with and use it as an example. Continuing the theme this week I’ll be using colour versions of previous pictures because flowers look so much better in colour.

  • Monday – The Genuine Article Take Two, an edited version of the previously published short The Genuine Article.
  • Tuesday – Is This Necessary or Simply Filler? Considering what the reader needs to know and when.
  • Wednesday – Finding a New Story in an Old One, when editing changes story and how that’s okay.
  • Thursday – To Act or To Speak, sometimes character’s actions say more than words, other times it just takes rewording.
  • Friday – Foolish, week four of the Weekly Serial
  • Saturday – Reading Around Writing, a bibliography of some books on writing I’ve found useful.

I should perhaps add that, as always, none of my articles on editing are definitive this is merely my personal approach to this piece of work and I shall be exploring editing further in later articles.


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