You’ve got to kiss a lot of blogging frogs. (That might be a toad)

This is a response to my first question asking how much time running a blog takes and if I have any tips so here goes:

  • Organisation is an aspiration rarely achieved.
  • Running a blog takes less time than it feels, but that might be because I need to be more organised.
  • A lack of likes/views isn’t a bad sign, it’s only early days.
  • Writing every day helps, at least I have an emergency supply.
  • Experiment to see what works whether it’s a post or your blog theme.
  • A typo isn’t the end of the world that’s what edit is for.
  • Schedule post is amazing, no more rushing to get it done on the day.
  • Always have plenty of bananas for the monkeys then they’ll write all day, though I still don’t have the complete works of Shakespeare.

I don’t know if any of that helps but I find I’m learning all the time so in six months I might say something completely different.

Now I must return to my regularly scheduled panic because I haven’t got all the articles I want to finish done.

Fancy some short fiction? Try the short story archive. Want some advice on writing? Try the advice page. Missed the Weekly Serial? Check out the stories in publication order here.


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