WARNING: This is what starts happening if you read too much Beckett…


(WILL, white of hair and beard, rummages through a wardrobe full of children’s clothes until he pulls out a green coat. In a corner REBECCA, dark haired and pallid, has her legs over the arm of the chair she is sitting in as she fiddles with her wedding band.)


He always hated that one.


It was his favourite.

(Will takes the coat out of the wardrobe, lays it on the single bed and wraps it in tissue paper before placing it in the box. He does the same with a pair of trousers and a shirt. Rebecca continues to fiddle with her ring.)


I wouldn’t be saying it if you weren’t thinking it.

(Will ignores her as he tapes the box shut with a dispenser and writes on it in black marker: ‘Bri’s clothes 1’.)


Fine, pretend I’m not here. It’d be a lot more interesting if you didn’t but…

(He picks up a flattened cardboard box off the end of the bed and opens it out.)


What do you know about his favourite anything?

(Rebecca shrugs. She gets up, crosses the room and laces her arms around Will’s waist.)


I’m sure he’ll appreciate it. A lovely fatherly gesture.


Why won’t you just leave me alone?

(BRI enters carrying an old wooden train in one hand, it has Rebecca painted on the side, under his arm is a box of train track.)


Found this in the loft. Mind if I take it for Benji?

(Will is stood by himself beside the bed. Rebecca is gone. Will shakes his head. Bri turns to leave then pauses in the doorway.)


Dad, did I hear you talking to someone?


Just myself.


First sign of madness.

(Bri exits carrying the train and box of track. Rebecca sits down on the end of the bed and looks up at Will. He returns to filling boxes.)

For more short fiction try my short story archive.


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