Writing Sex

This week we're looking at writing sex in fiction, whether romance or any other genre. Tuesday - What's With Sexy? Why are we including sex? Wednesday - Getting Sexy, Looking at the importance of emotion when writing sex. Thursday - Metaphorically Sexy, The difference between using metaphors in a sex scene and writing metaphorical sex. Friday - Realistically Sexy, A … Continue reading Writing Sex

Active or Passive?

There’s theory that runs that active voice is good and passive voice is bad and must be eliminated from our writing, as usual it’s not that simple. For a start it’s impossible to write an entire manuscript without any passive voice, it serves a purpose, just like any other part of writing. What is active … Continue reading Active or Passive?

Mixing Things Up

This week we're mixing things up. The time of year has come round again where I dial down the articles as I work on book releases but this time instead of reblogging old articles I'm trying something different. Instead of my regular 4/5 articles a week I'm going to try spreading them out a bit … Continue reading Mixing Things Up

Delicate Decorum

We’ve looked at dress, speech, and movement all of which builds into an idea of how people in our fictional worlds are expected to behave. It’s important to remember that our worlds should have expectations of the way characters should behave but that doesn’t mean it is how they behave. We may have a divide … Continue reading Delicate Decorum

Walking the Walk

The way characters move can also tell us about the world they live in. There may be certain expectations of the way they should move and act depending on the opinions of the world around them. In the UK there’s ‘The Royal Wave’ a particular sort of wave used by The Royal Family as they’re … Continue reading Walking the Walk

Talking the Talk

One of the sometimes overlooked aspects of world building is the way characters speak. We’ve discussed dialogue in past articles and it’s important to remember that whether we’re building a completely new world or putting our spin on the real world what characters say and how they say it plays a part. A common problem … Continue reading Talking the Talk

Dressing the Part

Part of our world building is building the characters that inhabit the world. Their attitudes, social system, fashions, and so on. A big part of this is the fashions of a world, these can reveal a lot about the attitudes and social hierarchy of a world. For instance, a common example in western culture is … Continue reading Dressing the Part

Revealing a World

This week we're looking at how our characters are informed by a world and how they can inform readers about a world through implication. Tuesday - Dressing the Part, What can characters clothes tell us about their society? Wednesday - Talking the Talk, How can we use speech to reveal aspects of the world? Thursday - Walking the … Continue reading Revealing a World

On a Grand Scale

Building the world a bit at a time might sound ease if you’re writing a modern story in the real world because everyone has a grounding in the basics of that world. Gravity holds us down, the earth goes round one sun, and we have continents and countries and cities, but what about a fantasy … Continue reading On a Grand Scale

Spreading it About

One of the biggest problems with worldbuilding is the urge to reveal everything at once, especially in a completely fictional world. The problem with this is it can lead to long paragraphs, or even entire chapters, of just telling. As we’ve discussed in previous articles telling isn’t always bad but it’s at its best when … Continue reading Spreading it About