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Book of Lot

We are the Monsters in the Dark

Lot – Rum Cove

Follow Lot Maguire’s journey from thief and former workhouse inmate to business woman and Victorian vigilante when a chance meeting changes three lives forever.

Take a Bite Cafe

Can Megan and Jimmy save Take a Bite Cafe? Can their romance survive nosey patrons and interfering relatives? Will Nan ever get a free pot of tea?

Writing Back to Basics

I’m Not Going to Tell You How to Write. I’m Going to Open the Toy Box and Let You Play.

Jesse Stuart

From narrative structure, to vivid characterisation, to the tricks of narrative sleight-of-hand Jesse’s easy to follow books will lead you through a variety of writing techniques. Suitable for any level of confidence.

Jesse Stuart

I specialise in writing theory, looking at how and why writing techniques work and the different ways we can apply them. I also apply them by writing lots of fiction.

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